ERP Software for Small Business

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ERP software for Small Business 1 ERP software for Small Business The parameters defining a small business differ from country to country European context – less than fifty employees American context less than 500 employees Indian context – Financial commitments not more than 1 crore Examples – grocery stores, tuition centre, bakeries, garments shop, beauty salon, etc. 2 Characteristics of small business  Tight budget – runs on a shoestring budget with most of the money struck in the market  Huge dependency on labour – dependent on manual labour intensively. No automation  Based on community – often cater to the needs of a localised community. Demographically indigenous  The poor state of technology – no automation. Primitive technology. 3 Cloud ERP Cloud ERP is a cloud based enterprise resource planning software. It integrates all the processes of a small business into one software for efficient management and operations. Due to the cutthroat nature of the market and the ever changing dynamics, ERP software for small business in india is necessary. It can help in the following ways :  Productivity enhancement – Single software for all data; maintain a schedule for customers and vendors; inventory tracking 4 Cloud ERP  Increased control – more secure; no data infringement; automated bills; better task delegation  Streamlined business module – Fewer errors; elimination of extra processes; time saving leading to business expansion  Analysing customer behaviour – data analysis for understanding consumer trends; preparation for increased demands; know what sells more 5 Cloud ERP  Enhanced decision making – The best cloud ERP for small business in India is to expand ERP. It allows for faster and prompter decisions through studying trends in data.  Bigger profits – reduced waste and increased sale, happy customers. All of this results in greater profitability. 6 THANK YOU 7


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