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As companies grow, business processes naturally become more complex. Scaling with the rate of growth can be difficult without the benefit of additional headcount, and mistakes inevitably happen. Teams spend too much time and valuable resources on cumbersome, repetitive processes that are often stalled, derailed, or completely forgotten. The Challenge Growing businesses need structured processes that are cost- effective, scalable, and efficient. OnTask is a business process automation tool that standardizes workflow, collects data, and populates documents and forms. Designed to support today’s on-the-go teams, OnTask is a cloud-based and mobile-ready application. The Solution www.ontask.io US/CAN +1 800 875 7009 INT +1 813 875 7575 OnTask helped us streamline our application process, create more forms, and execute e-signatures. It just makes our lives easier. - Formula 55 “ ” Process Automation for Growing Businesses Transform tedious email tasks and paper-based forms into efficient digital processes. Key Features Developed to help companies digitally transform. Key features include: Fast Form Creator — Create reusable forms in minutes. Automatically find and place document fields to reduce time spent manually updating, scanning, and faxing forms. Dynamic Web Forms — Mobile-friendly web forms collect data faster and more accurately to reduce errors and eliminate paper processes. Process Builder — OnTask’s no-code workflow tool lets you map, replicate, and update business processes to provide visibility and easily duplicate effective workflows. Auto-Merge — Populate documents with data from web forms and system databases automatically to eliminate inefficient data entry. Digital Signatures — Using any device, speed up process completion with trackable, secure digital signatures to prevent the signing process from stalling. Connections — Connect line of business systems to reduce data duplication, improve accuracy, and eliminate silos. www.ontask.io US/CAN +1 800 875 7009 INT +1 813 875 7575 Insights — Discover where processes are performing ideally and where bottlenecks occur to keep teams proactively informed. Information Technology Human Resources Sales Operations Administrative Department Add value to your business, boost process efficiency, and empower everyday outcomes with OnTask. Ready to get started? Schedule a demo. Automation Made Simple Enable your to stay OnTask

Solving document lifecycle complexities with products built for developers.

Accusoft offers a robust portfolio of document and imaging tools created for developers. Our APIs and software development kits (SDKs) are built using patented technology, providing high performance document viewing, advanced search, image compression, conversion, barcode recognition, OCR, and other image processing tools for use in application and web development.

About accusoft

Accusoft provides a full spectrum of document, content and imaging solutions as fully supported, enterprise-grade, best-in-class client-server applications, mobile apps, cloud services and software development kits (SDKs). The company’s HTML5 viewing technology is available to the enterprise as PrizmDoc, in cloud-based SaaS versions, and in a version optimized for SharePoint integration.

Visit http://www.accusoft.com and download your free trial to see how our software can work for you.

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