Delve into the world of groundwater recharge methods to enhance sustainable water management. Discover innovative techniques and practices designed to replenish aquifers and maintain water balance. From artificial recharge systems to natural infiltration methods, explore the latest advancements in groundwater replenishment. Learn how these strategies contribute to preserving vital water resources, ensuring long-term environmental sustainability. Stay informed about best practices and technologies shaping the future of groundwater recharge. Explore our comprehensive guide to gain insights into responsible water conservation and management practices.

About India Water Portal

India Water Portal is a website that shares knowledge and builds communities around water and related issues in India. Managed by Arghyam, the Portal has become a valuable archive of resources, working papers, reports, data, articles, news, events, opportunities and discussions on water. It has also become a place to share experiences and solutions, to talk to water experts, and to learn about the work that others are doing in sustainable water management in India.

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