Do I need Occupational Lenses

Do I need Occupational Lenses, updated 1/11/23, 2:37 PM

Occupational lenses or "office lenses"are specialised lenses designed to help people who spend a lot of time focusing on near tasks, such as reading or using a computer. They offer a wider field of vision, reduce visual fatigue and eye strain, and can be used as replacement lenses. They are designed with a special lens technology called a digressive lens, which allows for a wider field of view, making it easier to read or work on a computer without having to constantly adjust your head position. They can be customized to a person's specific needs and it is recommended to consult an optometrist or eye care professional to determine the best lens type for you.

About Lenses in Glasses

Lenses in Glasses are part of the Spectacles Direct group and was founded by David Syme in 2004. He has 30 years of experience in the optical industry. Lenses in Glasses offer a 5 star rated service of reglazing your glasses. Whether it is varifocal, bifocal or single glaze or premium lenses such as Zeiss, Nikon or Hoya, their experts offer the best quality and expertise direct to you. They have particular expertise in reglazing premium frames such as LINDBERG, Ray Ban, Prada and Tom Ford. Many high street opticians are reluctant to put new lenses into existing glasses but Lenses in Glasses offer this as a service.

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