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Chimney Sweep Near Me As I keep digging deeper into the fascinating world of older trades, looking at those who survive and those who disappear forever I cannot help but admire chimney sweeps. While we look at traditional glassblowing professionals or calligraphy experts as magical trades, reminders of our past when we did things properly with time, patience and skills for example, people don't look at chimney sweeps nowadays with quite as much love. However it is a highly sophisticated trade, that does require a lot of training, use of new technologies and business skills to evolve in a complex and always evolving marketplace. It is an old trade that still struggles a little to shake off the old clichs but it is getting better. How to find a chimney sweep near me? To find a chimney sweep in a large city such a London is not hard. But to find a good, certified, insured and able to provide a recognised certificate by home insurers on completion of the work is where you need to pay attention. Your local chimney sweep may not be the one you need to book and you need to check the following: Is he or she certified by a major chimney sweep association such as Sweep safe? Does he or she have an ID card? Is he or she able to issue a valid certificate when the work is done? Are they insured? what level of training and qualification doe he or she have? To get more details please visit website:

Find your local Sweep Safe Certified chimney sweeps, operating to the high standards of the industry, certified and insured. Get Industry Approved Certificate of completion of work, asserting of the work completed and all relevant information about your chimney.


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