Home Doctor Book PDF is a handy survival guide to emergency medicine that can be practiced at home (always consult with your doctor when practicing). You can download your copy in digital format, and it's also available in its paperback version. Home Doctor Book PDF by Dr Maybell Nieves describes ingenious methods of fixing health problems in case the economy collapses and hospitals and pharmacies run out of medicines, supplies, and running water. It describes how to prepare natural remedies at home along with the recipes for them and how to stockpile essential medicines without refrigeration. Home Doctor Book PDF is not a simple self-help book consisting of natural remedies and tips to treat common ailments. It's much more than that. It also provides insightful information on how to avoid getting sick in the first place, thus preventing serious health problems for you and your family when circumstances are not favorable. Home Doctor (PDF) book is a doctor approved guide on how to manage most health situations when help is not on the way, therefore you can consider it an essential life-saving asset if you are a prepper or survivalist. Download your copy.

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