Slot Machine Tips to Help You Play Smarter

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Slot Machine Tips to Help You Play Smarter You may think you know your way around a slot machine, but whether you're playing online slots or sitting down in Las Vegas and pulling a physical lever, there's always more to learn. Let's hit up some quick tips to help you enjoy your time in the casino more, shall we? Read the Pay Tables This one can seem obvious you want to know how much you can win, after all but a slot machine pay table can give you an idea of how often the game pays out. If you see a lot of combinations, the game is going to offer up a higher hit frequency than others. You may not win as much with every hit, but you'll win more often, and that means that the game is a lot more fun to play. Keep Your Profit Let's say you hit a jackpot. The first thing you should immediately do is set aside the vast majority of it and keep playing based on your original stake amount. Let's be honest, here: casinos want you to give them your winnings. Don't let them do that. Take Your Time With the fast pace of games, especially online slot machines, players tend to play more quickly than they should. You don't get any sort of reward for being the player who hit the "spin" button the most and you can find yourself going through your bankroll more quickly than you should. Enjoy the game. After all, casino gaming should be fun. Avoid Slot Machine Scams There is a whole culture of gaming "experts" who claim they know the secrets to slot machines. If they did, then why aren't they millionaires sitting on the beach instead of people who try to sell you a PDF file over the internet? Remember that the random number generator (RNG) makes all of the decisions for a slot machine and in order to offer games, every casino has to have their software certified. Take Advantage of Players Clubs and Bonuses Most online casinos offer hefty bonuses and special incentives to play their games. Besides the casino welcome bonus that is traditional, they can offer VIP programs, which include improved customer service, additional prizes, tickets to sporting events and more. A good example of this is Bovada Casino's Red Room. Many "brick and mortar" casinos offer similar benefits, giving you free food, lodging and tickets to shows. Always Go for the Max with Progressive Slot Machines Those large jackpots offered by progressive slot machines come with a string attached: you have to play with the maximum number of coins. The denomination generally doesn't matter, so if you're normally a quarter slots player who wants to play a five-coin progressive slot machine, then you'd set the coin amount for $0.05. Slot Candles Tell You What You're Spending If you're in a casino in Atlantic City or Las Vegas, you'll see lights on top of the slot machines; those are called "candles" in the gaming business. These tell you the coin denomination of the game, which means you can easily pick where you want to sit down and play! Usually, dollar machines are blue, for example. You might want to ask a casino worker what they mean; they'll be glad to help you out.

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