£225 fixed fee family law promotion

£225 fixed fee family law promotion, updated 7/6/20, 12:02 PM

Fixed Fee Family Law Promotion

We understand that taking the first step in consulting a solicitor can be daunting. Clients are often concerned about the likely cost of legal advice. We offer a fixed fee package for preliminary legal advice.

This fixed fee package costs £225 inclusive of VAT. It includes:

A one hour meeting with a specialist in Family Law. During that meeting, in-depth advice will be given on your legal situation and your options for proceeding further. Estimated costings will be given to you for each option available to you. We will identify ways in which you can keep your costs to a minimum as you go through the process.

About Gibson Kerr

Gibson Kerr is a family-run law firm that has been established in Edinburgh. Our main areas of practice are family law; personal law and property law. This includes divorce and separation, guardianship, prenuptial agreements, cohabitation, power of attorney, executries/probate, estate planning, inheritance tax and wills.

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