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What Are The 3 Main Benefits Of DOWNLOAD INSTAGRAM STORIES Instagram is one of the Social media programs that has become a fundamental piece of our everyday activities. Via Instagram stories, we can show ourselves and share to the world our day to day routines simply by posting a pic or a video. There are lots of moments when you really want to save a copy of any these Instagram stories since they become instantly inaccessible after 1 day. The memory will be gone forever if it is not stored on the program or your local laptop or computer. Sadly, features of keeping stories on Instagram is not accessible. To be able to keep a copy of those worth keeping posts and cherished events shared through an Instagram story, listed below are some tips. Download Instagram Stories for the Whole Day The steps below will guide you on how to save the stories you made for the day in one Instagram story preview video. Later on, you can view the video as necessary. Be noted that the video is not really individually stored based on the picture stories posted. This procedure will definitely cost you more time as you will need to view first other parts before you view the part you want. Nonetheless, this is way more desirable than not having a copy at all. The first step in downloading the stories of a day is tapping your story icon which is found on the top left corner of your Instagram feed. 3 dots can be found on top of your screen. Many choices will be shown if that is clicked. Tap MORE option then pick the SAVE option so that you can finally download your story. You will be advised to wait till the process is completed. then, you will be able to view already the saved story either in your Camera Roll or Gallery and it will be available for you to watch anytime. Saving Clips of Instagram Stories Individually This method can enable you to save the clips individually as opposed to one huge video file of the whole day’s events. Therefore, this will let you download and watch in the future the clips you want to and save you lots of time from viewing the other clips that you're not interested in. In this procedure you must pick the SAVE VIDEO option rather than the SAVE STORY choice you did in the first above. Download Stories from all other Instagram Users It's rather simple to download stories from all other accounts so long as you rely on a third-party website. Most of these even have similarities on how the way they work. So, ultimately it depends on finding the website you like the most. Reason of why you wanted to download Instagram stories from different users is none of our concerns any longer. Here's how you can download using a third party website Copy first the username or the profile link (depending on what's required by the website) of the owner of the Instagram Stories you wanted to download. Open one of the chosen 3rd party websites. Choose which specific Instagram Story by scrolling down on the clips. Upon choosing, simply click and choose "Save link as" then select the destination folder of your choice to save on it your personal computer.


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