Grow Your Network And Business In Ickenham With This Networking Group

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Grow Your Network And Business In Ickenham With This Networking Group Do you want to create more business opportunities to expand your business in and around Uxbridge? These professionals have launched Uxbridge Networking to help professionals like you grow your network! The group meets at Uxbridge Golf Course every Friday at 6:45 a.m. - during lockdown restrictions, meetings are taking place online via Zoom They meet before the working day begins to network and share ideas. One of the important traits of successful entrepreneurs globally is starting early, so the meetings are held early in the morning. During meet-ups, you will have the opportunity to share something about your business. Who is a person you would like to meet - our members may well already know them and be able to make an introduction. It can be an opportunity for you to train your team on how to spot other members who need your service. They only have one group member per type of profession, so there is no competition between members. A 2016 HBR article stated that "a mountain of research" has shown that networking is a necessity because it leads to more job and business opportunities. "Growing a business goes hand in hand with building one's network of other like-minded individuals who want to see each other succeed." Uxbridge Networking offers a supportive environment where you can grow your network and business. Find out more at uxbridgenetworking.c

A group of business professionals in Uxbridge, Greater London has launched a weekly networking meet-up to help each other build their professional networks and create business opportunities.Find out more at


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