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The trend of high concentration of capital into fewer, larger investments has solidified into the status quo for the US VC ecosystem. Perhaps nothing represents this new normal better than the number of $50 million+ deals closed in 2018 through 3Q, reaching 378 rounds and already surpassing the 292 closed in full-year 2017. Non-traditional VC investors and tech investors are primarily driving this increase. At the same time, several traditional VCs have raised larger funds to compete in the mega-rounds with the SoftBanks of the world, seeing larger amounts of capital as a competitive advantage and opportunity to invest in the best companies. A healthy fundraising environment is also playing a part, as 2018 is on track for a fifth consecutive year of $30 billion+ closed by VC funds. To round out the venture cycle, a healthier IPO market is providing much-needed returns to LPs and capital for reinvestment in VC.

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Tech Investment and Growth Advisory for Series A in the UK, operating in £150k to £5m investment market, working with #SaaS #FinTech #HealthTech #MarketPlaces and #PropTech companies.

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