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my.edocr Upcoming Features Oct 16, 2015 - Brief note about the latest my.edocr news. When we took over ​​ in March 2015 we decided to move all edocr features to Prizm Share, renaming Prizm Share ​my.edocr​. In addition to the brand merge, we added new features to the product to welcome users of Docstoc when it shuts down. We are now beta testing the my.edocr site so we could harden our reliability, without affecting the vast numbers of users on the main site. Once everything is fully tested, we will merge databases from edocr and my.edocr, making new features accessible to all users, along with much more scalable and supportable server code, which will mean a better and more reliable experience. The merger of my.edocr into edocr is currently scheduled for mid-January 2016. If you are using both services, you will need to have two separate accounts until the merge in January. (Yes, we will merge your data.) Edocr will continue to be a B2B content marketing, SEO and lead generation site, while my.edocr will offer a more casual home for selling your documents, as well as a home for personal, private, small group and blogging users. So, buckle up for a fun ride! The first thing we added and just released is ​embed​! You can now embed your document with the full viewer or as just a thumbnail directly from my.edocr. Simply click the “embed” button in the top right hand corner of the viewer and copy the code that you wish to use. It’s that simple! Now for what's coming next Content Gating. These are features that allow you, as the owner of your documents, to have some say about who and under what conditions your content is available. We already have some of that working on both edocr & my.edocr. For instance, you can require a valid email be provided to you prior to sharing your document. We have a long list of other content gating options coming soon, so let's touch on a few. 1. Capability to control a group or folder of documents, what we are calling 'Collections', via content gating. 2. Capability to sell your own documents - best of all, we are launching the service at an incredibly low rate of $0.30 per transaction, plus 10% set sales price, so you keep almost 90% of your sale! 3. Various watermarking features: you can expose some or all of your documents with a non-removable overlay. 4. All kinds of additional privacy & security settings, either by individual documents, or governing entire collections.. Contributor Accounts. This addition is coming soon and will allow you to designate rights over one or more accounts to multiple people, so a business could have several members of their Marketing team managing one edocr account, or you could manage multiple edocr accounts without having to log-off, then re-log on. Also coming soon are additional metrics and analytics on accounts, collections and individual documents. The power of analytics has never been higher, and we’re following this trend Finally, we will allow you to be followed and/or be subscribed to, by your user profile, or on one or more collections. FEEDBACK, we want feedback! Please help us improve edocr by getting your suggestions into our planning, via the ​edocr help desk​. ​Thanks, and stay tuned, a whole lot of things are happening very quickly!

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