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What is sales development? Sales development is a field, process or team that focuses on early stages of the sales cycle. This includes customer research, prospecting, initial engagement and lead qualification. Sales development executives identify the best prospects to connect with and assess which of these can be considered promising enough to vet. In simple terms, sales development is a specialized role that brings data analysis role, email nurturing, phone prospecting and sales copywriting teams together to focus on creating sales qualified leads and preparing them for new salespeople. Did you know? ● Most sales leads are lost due to bad follow ups. ● 50% of the sales executives lack the skills to adapt to new tools. ● Sales pitches are not designed according to customers' sales behaviour. With external sales development services can help iron out these issues to create not just data driven sales strategy but also train the sales team to optimally utilise resources while adequately developing their skills. How does Sales Development Services work? Sales development service executives are the go-to experts when it comes to finding potential clients, grading product-fit market, and keeping product sales market brimming with quality leads. They leverage all the available channels to get the job done. They use and understand company’s CRM’s like a limb but they also probe the deep corners of social media to discover new prospects. After which they create personalised email to make meaningful connections. Following this, they clock dozens of calls in a day for follow-ups and set appointments to accurately identify problems and determine whether any of the company’s solutions squarely address their problems. Why is the Sales Development Strategy important for your organization? An organization's sales development strategy greatly impacts it’s chances of meeting revenues and achieving growth. A potential growth strategy includes the following key elements: ● People ● Process ● Technology The sale development strategy should focus on delivering high performance on relevant metrics such that they ultimately translate to top line figures. Many companies are now opting for sales development services and seeing great results. In the past, most companies thought that it was insufficient enough to hire a salesperson to handle all the aspects of the sales cycle. However, as the time has gone on, it has turned out to be the most efficient approach. The main goals of a sales development strategy is to: ● Contact businesses and learn about them, usually initiate the first conversation. ● Qualify leads and move them through the company sales pipeline and funnel. ● Educating leads. ● Determine which leads are more viable than the others. ● Align sales and marketing efforts. ● Establish process and assign leads for inbound leads and outbound leads. ● Engage via phone call, Email and other channels. ● Act as a quality control for sales lead so that the process of closing and on boarding new accounts is frictionless and as efficient as possible. At least 45% of your prospects are not a good fit for what you are selling. This means that you are potentially wasting countless time on prospects that are never going to buy your products or services. This is where a more specialized approach is more effective.

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