Fire Hose - Vital For Workplace Fire Protection

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SALES@WESTERNFIREANDSAFETY.COM Fire Hose Vital For Workplace Fire Protection Purchase Fire Hoses like Orange Milspec Fire Hose from Fire safety is one of the problems that you have to take into consideration. You need to equip your constructing with superior exceptional fire fighting and fire safety gadgets which include fire hose, fire extinguishers, fire blankets, smoke alarms, and smoke seals. 2.5″ X 50′ NST/UL/DOUBLE JACKET IND National standard, double jacket, industrial polyester hire hose.Poly- 300-S has a 100% polyester jacket with a high grade single rubber lining. Western Fire & Safety is fire safety Equipment Company to help promote fire protection and awareness in the US area. Their Writers regularly writes articles to inform the overall public approximately the safest approaches of managing fires and how to save you within the first place. Their Experts knowledge and understanding has earned many writing and speaking engagements. DISCOVER MORE AT WWW.WESTERNFIREANDSAFETY.COM For more information and quote call us on +1-(206) 782-7825. FIRE WATCH MANIFOLD Manufacturer : Bam Welding Part No. : MANIF Brass Plug with Chain Welded Handles for easy Mobility Weld Steel Sturdy Base with Water Drainage HOSE PIN RACK TYPE 1-1/2″ X 100′ Manufacturer: NAFH Part No. : P500 2.5″ X 50′ ORANGE MILSPEC FIRE HOSE Synthetic rubber tube and a double layer polyester jacket. Hose is constructed to meet specs used by the Navy, Coast Guard and other Military branches. WHY FIRE HOSE VITAL FOR WORKPLACE LEARN TODAY!

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