Your Koi are acting funny; theyseem to be scratching themselveson the pond bottom, and they aregasping at the surface.Could it be parasites, a bacterial infectionor fungus?You have been careful not to overfeed,you perform routine maintenance onyour pond and you add dechlorinatorwhen adding tap water. You even haveadded beneficial bacteria. You tested thewater quality, and it is fine; there is no signof ammonia or nitrites, and the pH level isright were it should be.Still, your fish are flashing...Backyard Getaway explains common Koi problems including bacterial and parasitic infections. #Koi #backyardgetaway #ponds #tampa #florida

About Backyard Getaway

Backyard Getaway, your outdoor living specialists, is a family owned and operated pond and outdoor living service business serving Sarasota, Bradenton, St. Petersburg and all of Tampa Bay.

Let Backyard Getaway help you enhance your landscape with a one of a kind water feature, Florida friendly landscaping, a paver patio, fire pit and more. We will create the perfect backyard getaway for you, whether it's a relaxing pond-free waterfall or a pond filled with graceful Koi, a fire pit with seating to roast marshmallows under the stars or a patio to enjoy an afternoon outside with family and friends!

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