What is E-Liquid

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What is E-Liquid? E-liquid may be the liquid that is vaporized into vapor by an electric cigarette device. That is the simple definition. But there will be a lot more to E-liquid than that. For example, if you utilize the incorrect kind of e-liquid a certain kind of vaping device, it's not going to just work at all. That is because there are different types of e-liquid for different types of vape devices and different styles of vaping. While there are numerous types of e-liquids, it is simple to break up the categories and understand which applies to how you vape. Of course, it is essential to choose the right type of e-juice. E-liquid, e-juice, vape juice, or vape liquid many of these terms refer to the same thing. Don't be thrown off by different names for e-liquid. We get plenty of questions about what's the difference between e-liquid and e-juice. There is no difference. E-liquid 4 basic ingredients: 1. Vegetable glycerin, or VG Vegetable glycerin, also called VG, is a thick and viscous liquid typically extracted from palm plants. It's odorless yet includes a sweet taste. VG has been used for decades in food, medications, cosmetics, and other everyday items that individuals use daily. It's often used as a preservative. 2. Propylene glycol, or PG The very first electronic cigarettes used primarily PG liquids. Today, e-liquids have significantly more VG to lessen harshness. All e-liquids still have at the least some level of PG as it carries flavor a lot better than PG. 3. Nicotine The nicotine in e-cigs is extracted from tobacco plants. Vape nicotine also needs to be sourced from American pharmaceutical companies that produce the greatest purity nicotine. Diluting nicotine for e-liquid requires highly trained professionals. 4. Flavors E-liquid uses food-grade flavorings. However, and that is important, not totally all food-grade flavorings work for e-liquids. For example, some flavoring ingredients are no made to be heated. And when heated, they could convert into an unwanted chemical.

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