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Statement of Work Date [DATE] Client [CLIENT NAME] Job Name [CLIENT COMPANY]'s Website Requested by [CLIENT SPONSOR'S NAME] From [WEB DESIGNER'S NAME] Summary This project involves the design and development of a web site for use by [CLIENT COMPANY]. This project will follow the timeline outlined below and does not include ongoing maintenance of the site outside of what may be stated in the scope. Project Scope This SOW covers the following activities and deliverables. Theme Design and Development: The theme presented with the proposal will be the basis for the design of the website. There will be a period of revisions and development will start once you have signed off on the design. Once development has started, only minor changes can be made without affecting the scope of the project. Host and Domain Setup: If hosting is required, I will source and set up hosting for the requested domain. Maintenance of the account will fall to [CLIENT COMPANY] at the conclusion of the project. Wordpress Installation and Setup: I will install and set up the CMS on the domain mentioned above so that [CLIENT SPONSOR'S NAME] is able to maintain the site. Content Entry: I will enter the initial content you provide to me. This will include text and pictures for each page to be created with the initial setup. The pages for the site will include: [LIST OF PAGES] The features of the site will include: [LIST OF FEATURES] Browser Testing: I will test the site to make sure it works with modern desktop web browsers. I will also test to make sure that the site does not break when viewed on mobile devices. Deliverables Account and login information. Website deployed on requested domain. A backup copy of the files associated with the site. A reference document outlining how to make updates to the site along with a link to online resources. Schedule Task Finish Date Sign Contract [SCHEDULE DATE 1] Finalize Design [SCHEDULE DATE 2] Client Provides Content [SCHEDULE DATE 3] Finalize Testing [SCHEDULE DATE 4] Deploy to Staging Site for Client Sign Off [SCHEDULE DATE 5] Deploy to Client Domain [SCHEDULE DATE 6] Client Sign Off and Receipt of Deliverables [SCHEDULE DATE 7] Price The total price of this project as agreed upon during the proposal is [PRICE]. Key Assumptions This agreement is based on the following assumptions. You have provided [DESIGNER NAME] with a complete list of your requirements for the website. Acceptance The client named below verifies that the terms of this Statement of Work is acceptable. The parties hereto are each acting with proper authority by their respective companies. [CLIENT NAME] [DESIGNER] Company name Company name [CLIENT'S SPONSOR NAME] [DESIGNER'S NAME] Full name Full name [SPONSOR'S TITLE] [DESIGNER'S TITLE] Title Title [DATE] [DATE] Date Date

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