AAA Destination Guide: Honolulu, Hawaii

AAA Destination Guide: Honolulu, Hawaii , updated 4/16/15, 5:24 PM


Hop on a body board and ride the gentle waves at Kailua Beach, wherethe azure waters also attract kayakers and windsurfers. Brave the crowdson narrow Waikīkī Beach and spread a towel on your little sliver of sandin preparation for catching some serious rays.Stand on the deck of the USS Arizona Memorial and reflect upon theevents of Dec. 7, 1941, when Japanese bombers sank the ship, killing1,177 sailors and propelling the United States into World War II. When the surf’s up at Waimea Bay, marvel at the audacity of the surferswho boldly take on the awe-inspiring waves, which can reach heights ofup to 30 feet.Taste unusual foods, listen to the sounds of the barkers and browse themany peculiar goods at the Aloha Flea Market. #Hawaii #Honolulu

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