Phoenix International Inc. Outgrows Home After Four Years In Social Service

May 30, 2020 | Publisher: ubcnewsworld | Category: Causes & Non-profits |   | Views: 0 | Likes: 1

Phoenix International Inc. Outgrows Home after four years in social service. CEO Maurice D. Ravennah and COO Dr. Floyd H. Hardin III reunited in Atlanta Georgia after having crisscrossed the country and the world climbing the ladders of their respective careers. The two had always been civically minded and aligned their goals with both personal and community advancement. They establish Phoenix International Independent Living Program to house, educate, and inspire foster youth. Their research leads them to find the state's Independent Living Program. The program has outgrown its apartment complex home. The firm pays nearly $25,000 a month rent annuities. The firm has a monthly budget in excess of $60,000. Phoenix International Incorporated Independent Living Program is housed at the Villages at Carver apartment complex. Paying market rate means the firm is paying the equivalent of a $5,000,000 mortgage for the 12 leased apartments. The firm is excited about the ability to create this ecofriendly community in a woodland oasis within city limits. Phoenix has partnered with Local consulting firm, Griffin Global Incorporated and Human Rights Organization, Just Stop Killing Us to help promote the capital campaign. Contact Us At: https://www.phoenixri

Local Atlanta social service firm Phoenix International Inc. looks to expand their programming and cut cost simultaneously with a land deal. This has necessitated their Dynamic Dollar Capital Campaign.


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