The Importance of Awareness During a Fight

The Importance of Awareness During a Fight, updated 8/29/22, 2:08 PM

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In this article, we discuss the importance of self defense awareness.


Awareness is one of the most crucial elements of self defense. So, you need to threat it as such.


Sadly, too many crime victims are unaware of their environments and the criminals target them very easily because of their lack of awareness. So, make sure you’re not like them and that you are prepared and ready for the streets.


Complete resource on self defense awareness:


Here’s more info on this topic of self defense:


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Nick Drossos and Patrick Viana

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Code Red Defense is a reality-based self defense system for civilians and law enforcment personel.

A complete series of video tutorials have been created to help you learn how to defend yourself effectively.

Nick Drossos & Patrick Viana

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