10 Ultimate Tips To Increase Conversions

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undefinedTIP 1 Remove irrelevant links (or links not connected to the page goal) Explainer: Your website or landing page should focus on creating a user journey. When you post links to low quality pages you risk the chance for visitors to go down the wrong funnel. Only include relevant links or links which your visitors would like to visit. 2 www.apexure.com 2 In the above example Apexure created a minimal version for BuildMyLoads and stripped out any elements which could potentially distract visitor's attention. The result you ask? 2.5% increase in conversions. Remember: On your product pages do not just include links to your social media pages. You don't want your potential visitors to click Facebook and start looking at their notifications when they were about to check-out. Instead show a Facebook Page Like Count widget or twitter follower count widget to increase trust and social proof. In case you do want to include social profiles, make sure you have them set so they open in a new browser tab. You can easily do it by just add a target="_blank" attribute to your links (anchor tags). 2 www.apexure.com 3 TIP 2 Answer any objections your visitors might have upfront Explainer: Your web page copy could make or break a visitor's impression of your brand and the headline and subheading makes the strongest impact. Rather than being persuasive you can test an iteration where you could answer or talk about an objection your potential customer might have. There are couple of ways you can figure this out. 2 www.apexure.com 4 Talk to your existing customers and ask them what made them buy your product or service. What doubts did they have before they made that decision. Put a section of FAQs and setup heatmap tracking. The link with the most clicks will help you understand what objection you can overcome upfront. 2 www.apexure.com 5 Try creating a variation as a mockup and test it with a limited set of testers available at UsabilityHub. Ask simple questions and get data which you can easily analyse and use to improve your page. In this example, existing lenders who already have a mortgage might have a concern whether they can apply? By answering that objection upfront we reduced their anxiety. 2 www.apexure.com 6 Example: Do your customers think your product is too expensive or are they not willing to buy because they don't trust your brand? If its trust, then a simple fix could be offering a iron-clad money back guarantee which can be placed high up on the page and is easily visible. For product pages you can offer a Clear Shipping & Returns Policies. Keep in mind making your return policies human friendly goes a long way. TIP 3 Add a sense of Scarcity When was the last time you saw the text 'Limited Time Only' and you decided to buy straight away? Scarcity is one of the psychology factors what drives us to buy. However, before we get into the nitty gritty remember one thing, don't use scarcity as a tactic. But, use it in its natural form. Let me explain, an artificial scarcity tactic just aims to push sales. The offer or the time limit should last only for a short time however, overdoing it will backfire and customers would realize that you are going to restart the deal. Some bad examples: 2 www.apexure.com 7 90% off on Udemy Courses which runs almost every month. This one is a off-line one and usually happens across the UK near tourists hotspots. 'Store closing down', enough said. Some good ones: Only 1 product can be purchased by Customer. Booked 26 times today. 4 people are looking at this product right now. 2 www.apexure.com 8 There is no winning formula, you can come with your own one which involves either Quantity or Time. Image credit: ConversionXL TIP 4 Add a sense of Urgency and Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) Urgency and Scarcity go hand in hand. Urgency tactic creates a sense of hurry. Not sure if that's a valid statement. But you understand what I mean. By using the words like "now", "hurry", "instant" etc. and by using an urgent colour like Red or Orange you can add sense of urgency. Another simple way to add urgency to your product pages is by adding a countdown which shows the time left for the visitor to get a discount/offer. Some bad examples of text used in buttons: 2 www.apexure.com 8 Get it Later. Go. Submit. Shop. . Some good ones: 2 www.apexure.com 10 Offers ends today at midnight. Order before 4pm for a guaranteed delivery tomorrow. Apple's Black Friday Sale. A genuine sale with the urgency factor kicking in full throttle. Hurry - only 1 left. Offer a daily deal. There is no winning formula, you can come with your own one which involves either Quantity or Time. Image credit: Grow TIP 5 Add an auto address finder feature to your checkout (reduces friction) According to Steve Krug from the book - "Don't make think" - Much of our web use is motivated by the desire to save time. As a result, web users tend to act like sharks. They have to keep moving or they'll die. This behaviour can be easily applied on checkout pages. Pages with less friction will enable visitors to think less and move on with the purchase. How to Use: 2 www.apexure.com 11 One way to improve the User Experience could be with an address where in the user just needs to add their Post or Zip Code and then pick the house or building number. Another solution is to implement an Autocomplete Address Form (which uses both geo-location and address prefilling to provide accurate suggestions based on the user's exact location). This enables users to enter their address with fewer keystrokes than regular form fields. Overall the aim is to reduce the effort to fill out the form especially eliminate typos in the form fields which saves users from having to fiddle with long state/region drop-downs. Resources: 2 www.apexure.com 12 Convert your boring Country Drop Down lists to a sleek auto-complete field. Get the source code. In the above example we have used Google Maps API to allow users to type in parts of their address. The auto address with fuzzy search makes traditional address input field intuitive. TIP 6 Humans have an attention span of 8 seconds It takes users not more than 5 seconds to judge the value of your website. The amount of time and the hard work you invest on your website is distilled into a single glance. The first 5 seconds are really very important to spark interest in your visitors and if you fail to do so, the repercussions would mean for lost conversion opportunities. Here are some specific ways to do this: Decrease your page load time: According to surveys done by Akamai and Gomez, nearly half of web users expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less, and they tend to abandon a site that isn't loaded within 3 seconds. By decreasing the page load time you can increase conversions at least by 7%. This can be done by: 2 www.apexure.com 13 Reducing server response time: Use tools such as , and Pingdom to evaluate your site's speed and performance. Yslow PageSpeedTools 2 www.apexure.com 14 Optimizing images: Oversized images take longer to load, so it's important that you keep your images as small as possible. - Use a GIF: If the image has few colors, like a logo. -Use a JPEG: If the image has many colors and details, like photos. -Use a PNG: For high quality, transparent images. Enabling compression: Compression reduces the bandwidth of your pages, thereby reducing HTTP response. You can do this with a tool called Gzip. Include Headlines that have a strong message: According to Brian Clark, the founder of Copyblogger, 8/10 people read a page's headline, and only 2/10 read the first paragraph. The key to strong headlines is providing attention-grabbing information in the span of a single sentence. Your headlines should provide a glimpse into what the body of your content is about and allude to solving a problem, meeting a need, or fulfilling a want that your visitors may or may not know they have. Offer clean navigation: One thing that your visitors expect the moment they land on your web page is to have easy and clear navigation options. Always point the way, clearly tell your visitors how they should proceed. Add elements that add to your credibility: Visitors are very concerned about security flaws. If your visitors find it hard to trust your intentions they leave your website immediately. To make certain that your visitors find your website authentic you must add reviews, testimonials, security badges, privacy trust seals and a detailed privacy policy as well. 2 www.apexure.com 15 Image credit: themeshnews TIP 7 How to write____________________ (Fill in the blanks and that is your headline) According to David Ogilvy, "5 times as many people read the headline as read the body copy". Often times your visitors only read a headline before they decide to proceed. In fact, studies suggest that 80% of readers never make it past a headline. According to Koechley, tests show that traffic to content at Upworthy can vary by as much as 500% because of the headline. Headline is one of the elements that can make or break your website. It's important to test and see what resonates most with your visitors. There is no magic formula, but there are some guidelines that you can follow. Clarity: People do not like uncertainty, especially when they are pressed for time. They don't want to guess what they're about to read, they want to know beforehand. Make sure that your headline says what it is that your website offers, what the user gains by using your product and what they are able to do with it. : 2 www.apexure.com 16 The more specific your title is, the more likely the right people will click on it, thus boosting conversion rates. Numbers: Including numbers into your headline is an effective way to make your headlines more enticing to readers. A study by Conductor tested five types of headlines. Headlines with numbers won, hands down. According to Debra Jason, one of the reasons why using numbers works in headlines is because numbers are like "brain candy." Our brains are attracted to numbers because they automatically organize information into a logical order. Examples: 2 www.apexure.com 17 17 Social Media Books That Will Make You a Smarter Marketer How to Increase Conversion Rates by 529% 101 Ways to Write Top 10 Lists that Increase Traffic By 21% Empathy: People tend to click on headlines that assures them that their problem can be solved. Make sure your headlines demonstrate benefits of the product and empathize with the visitor's problem. Everyone loves to feel they are important and that they matter and your visitors will love you for thinking about solving their problems. Examples 2 www.apexure.com 18 How to Survive (and Yes, Even Thrive) in a Recession Are You Working Harder than Ever, but Still Worried About Downsizing and Layoffs? Image credit: Orbitmedia 2 www.apexure.com 19 Tools you can use to create better headlines: Sharethrough BlogPostHeadlineAnalyzer EmotionalMarketingValueHeadlineAnalyzer HeadlineCapitalization BlogAbout ContentIdeaGenerator LinkbaitTitleGenerator HeadlineEnvy Taboola Qualaroo TIP 8 Add skimmer friendly content. (bulleted lists, pullout quotes, etc.) According to Jakob Nielsen, Principal at Nielsen Norman Group "Visitors read only 20% content on your web page". People only scan through the content in order to find quick cues that will help them get the information they want. When they see something that appeals to them, they'll stop and read more thoroughly or click a link to get to the content that does interest them. Adding skimmer friendly content helps visitors read easily, making important points obvious and ensuring that the reader factors their importance into the decision-making process. It is important to understand how to create content that is consumable and supports the way our visitors actually engage with our site. These tips can help you develop content that is skimmer-friendly: Use plain language: Keep your language simple. Cut excess words, use positive and active language, and avoid jargon or expressions. 2 www.apexure.com 20 Did you know Microsoft Word can check your document for Reading Ease & Grade Level? All you need to do is Go to File > Options. In the Proofing tab, check the following options: -Check grammar with spelling -Show readability statistics Click OK. Click to Review > Spelling & Grammar With these settings changes, you'll see more readability statistics for your Word document every time you check the document's spelling and grammar. You can also use other tools such as QuollWriter etc. for writing your content. Place content properly: Place your content where it will get easily noticed. It might require breaking your content a bit especially with product category pages. The longer the content, the more careful you have to be about where and how you place it on the page. Compelling Verbiage: Most of the visitors' only look at the first line of each paragraph. 2 www.apexure.com 21 Hemingway, Ulysses, Make sure you start each line with a compelling verbiage. Bullet Points: Use bulleted lists when possible, as this breaks up the monotony of the content and creates easy-to-digest chunks. Descriptive sub-headings: Use sub-headings that spark interest but are also quick to read at a glance. 2 www.apexure.com 22 Image credit: Slideshare TIP 9 The more experiments you run, the more you will learn Running experiments on your website help you get definitive answers on what works and what doesn't. Experiments can help you reach your goals by providing insightful data on what attracts and converts your visitors. Running different experiments correctly will bring you far better results than making changes based on your instincts about what works, which can often be wrong when put to the test against the numbers. Here are some simple steps that you can follow to get started with your experiments. Determine your goal: You should always keep your goals in your mind. Different businesses will have different goals e.g. an ecommerce business might want to increase its sales or a consulting business might want to increase the number of people contacting them about their services. 2 www.apexure.com 23 If you are into similar business, ask yourself these questions 2 www.apexure.com 24 Is the checkout process too complicated with too many steps? Are your visitors concerned about privacy or payment security issues? Is your lead generation form too lengthy? Is your contact information difficult to find? All of these questions can be answered one by one by testing specific elements of your site. Check what is worth experimenting: Decide on what elements you are going to change while experimenting. Here are few suggestions you could try: The wording, size, color or placement of the page's call-to-action The primary value proposition or headline The main photo Your bullet points (features and benefits) The length of a form or the fields it includes How much text is on each page Formulate a hypothesis: Formulate a test hypothesis that summarizes what you want to change on your web page and what impact you expect to see from making that change. But formulating a hypothesis would first require determining your goal and creating a problem statement. Once this is done, you can now formulate a hypothesis consisting of a proposed solution and the expected results. Once you have formed your hypothesis draft a test version of your website and get feedback regarding potential trouble spots. You can use tools such as and . Decide on the number of your visitors: Determine the number of visitors who need to interact with your website for the results of your experiments to be accurate. You can determine your sample size by using tools such as VWO's , , Get Data Driven's and usereffect's Split Test Calculator and Decision Tool. Decide which software to use: Decide which technology to use in order to deliver each variation to your visitors. 2 www.apexure.com 25 Balsamiq Cacoo Browsershots A/B Split Test Significance Calculator A/B Significance Test There are many tools available that make it super easy to create and run the tests such as: ConvertExperiments 2 www.apexure.com 26 Image credit: jumplead GoogleWebsiteOptimizer Monetate SiteSpect Optimizely Unbounce TIP 10 Add a phone number, physical address and email address to increase trust According to the study by Econsultancy, it has been found that physical address, contact phone number and email address are the top three credibility signals on any website. Clearly displayed contact details subconsciously suggest to users that there's a real business behind a website. One of the best ways to add contact details is to incorporate an effective contact us page within your website. Contact us page plays an integral part of a website allowing users, the customers, investors, or perhaps advertisers to get in contact with you. As a business owner, having a contact us page converts users into potential customers for your business. Best practices to follow while creating your contact us page: Use common language: Keep your language simple, use terms that can be easily recognized by your visitors. The 3 most widely used terms are "Support", "Help" and "Contact Us". 2 www.apexure.com 27 Avoid grammatical errors: Even small grammatical errors can make negative impression on your visitors. Double check your contact page before publishing it on your website. Make it easy to find: There should be a link to your contact page in your main navigation (furthest to the right if possible), or in a secondary navigation bar above your main navigation. Another spot that is acceptable is in your footer navigation. Visitors expect to find your contact page quickly and in a place where they expect it. Make it easy for them! Make it look good: Never underestimate the power of a visually appealing contact page. While the page may be simple, careful thought must still go into its design. Digital Base does a great job of adding a punchy image to their contact page. Make it mobile Responsive: Since mobile users have surpassed desktop users, make sure your contact page looks good on all mobile devices. 2 www.apexure.com 28 Add Google map: Adding Google map on your Contact Us page helps visitors easily enter the Google interface and request directions direct from their home/office. Power tip: When adding a Google Map feature for mobile ensure you add some padding around the map. This will allow users scroll the page without getting stuck in the map interface. 2 www.apexure.com 29 Image credit: Wordstream Increase your business sales and conversions 2 www.apexure.com 30 Get a highly responsive landing page that is customized to help you increase your conversions. Our experts will build a high converting landing page for you in addition to providing you with actionable tips that can help you increase traffic, leads and customers. Build my Landing Page Get 2 months FREE Unbounce subscription Did you find this eBook useful? We will be releasing the second version with more tips and tricks. To get a notification click the button below and be the first ones to get your hands on the book. Notify Me

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