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ASBESTOS TESTING IN MELBOURNE Asbestos Testing Melbourne – Are you considering renovating or purchasing a property built before 1990? You need to take extra precautions since many buildings built before the 1990 will be highly likely to contain asbestos. It is not possible to say whether a material in your building contains fibrous materials or not by simply looking at it. A close and careful examination by microscopic analysis is needed to identify this hazardous material. What You Need To Know About Asbestos In Australia, asbestos is commonly used from the mid- 1940s until the late 1980s as a building material in both residential and commercial properties. Many buildings built before the 1990s will be highly likely to contain fibrous materials; especially in the external wall cladding, ceilings, cement sheeting, roofs, and fences. These products can easily be found in wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries. Hence, if you identify that a suspected material was installed before the 1990s, it is better to assume that it contains fibres. Asbestos cement sheet Asbestos testing is essential, for the reason that you cannot tell if a material includes asbestos just by looking at it, except it is labeled. If in disbelief, care for the material as if it includes asbestos or enclose it sampled as well as examined by a capable professional. A qualified must take samples for analysis; a practiced knows what to search for, and since there might be an augmented health risk if the fibers are released, asbestos testing must forever be done by a professional. Why You Need A Professional Contractor To Perform Asbestos Testing In Melbourne? • It’s hard to determine whether any material used for constructions has fibrous materials or not by simply looking at it. • Some people find dust and quick to conclude that they are asbestos. That is not the way to go even though the majority of buildings built before the mid- 1980s are likely to contain fibrous materials. Reference: /asbestos-testing-melbourne/ You should not wait when you suspected that fibre substance might be present within your property. These carcinogenic substances can be a potential threat to the health and safety of your building occupants. Here are some reasons why you need asbestos testing Melbourne for your property: Fact #1: Your building may contain dangerous friable and non-friable material Fact #2: Health risks from fibre exposure Fact #3: You are planning to do a renovation or demolition jobs Reference: testing-melbourne/

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