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Get Your Favorite Chicken Online with Cocu Cocu is a French Chicken Restaurant that was born from a love of high quality food and a desire to eat healthy, while maintaining a busy lifestyle. Why Cocu? Get Your Food with Fast Delivery Cocu offers a roasted chicken delivery option for every appetite. Order just for tonight, or schedule convenient weekly deliveries whatever your need, food arrives with maximum freshness. Of course, you need a meal on your terms and that's where Cocu serves you. It's not running to restaurants, it's not preparing your meals by yourself, just order the food and enjoy the taste by Cocu fast food service. Cocu- It's All About the Chicken Everything at Cocu is about chicken. We serve chicken from the charcoal grill in combination with local beers, gin and tonic and homemade lemonade. A love of chicken is almost as common and culturally widespread as the love of food itself. To enjoy the taste of best roast chicken NYC, just type rotisserie chicken near me and you will find Cocu in the list. For details about the menu you can visit the website and enjoy the fresh taste at great price. Best Rotisserie Chicken Contact US Address: 26 Carmine St New York, 10014, USA Phone: 646-952-0179 Website: Connect with Us:

Cocu NYC deals on fresh and healthy chicken. With us, you can get delicious chicken at your home also. If you want to taste rotisserie chicken in New York the join us. Visit Cocu and feel the amazing taste of chicken. Visit:

About Cocy NYC

Cocu A Healthy Obsession, French-inspired rotisserie chicken experience in New York City offering dine-in, delivery, catering, and takeout. We offer food using local, seasonal and healthy ingredients. Cocu brings to their customer high-quality food at a reasonable price. Order online at 646-952-0179


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