Texas has more automobile accidents, injuries, and fatalities than every other state but California. Austin Accident Lawyer Andrew Traub shares insights on pushing back against insurance companies. https://youtu.be/1G8wxbW7x04 https://AustinAccidentLawyer.com 512.246.9191

Traub - a personal injury lawyer who specializes in Texas motor vehicle injury law and commercial truck accidents - has made numerous resources available on his website for free to Texans injured in a motor vehicle collision. A spokesperson for the law firm shared that one of the most popular reports, the Free Texas Accident Report, provides information that is "a little more in depth than the typical 'seek medical care from medical professionals if injured;' and 'don't talk to anyone but file a police report,' boilerplate auto accident advice most injury attorney websites give." like most experienced car accident attorneys, Traub offers a free consultation for accident victims to discuss their motor vehicle accident claims, how to proceed with things like insurance claims, and like most attorneys, Traub works on a contingency fee basis with no upfront costs. He says he seeks to help all of his potential clients get a fair settlement for their legal claims, and that fair compensation for their personal injury claim should be viewed as their right.

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