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LED Lighting Service & Products in Australia Lighting Technology Lighting Service High quality services Lightweight Affordable solutions Durable products Wireless control Lighting service Lighting Service Application Commercial lighting Car Parking, Corporate Building, Auditorium, Theatre, Shopping Center, Malls, Hospital Sports lighting Sports Ground Indoor & Outdoor Lighting Industrial lighting Food Factories, Cold Stores, Mine Sites, Tunnels and Roadways, Airports, Railyards, Steel Mills, Australian Military Retail lighting Retail Stores Lighting service LED Lighting Products Since the inception of Lighting Technology in 1994, we are well- known name in Australia for offering: Innovative Cutting edge solutions Human centric products Fast & Efficient lighting service Energy saving products Custom design Lighting service LED Lighting Products Gigatera-EFL series Gigatera-ITUBE series IS6 Kloss Gigatera-SUFA series Gigatera-SEGA series Gigatera-MAHA series Gigatera-IBL series Lighting service Gigatera-WAPA series Gigatera-META series Gigatera-SETA series PROTEK TLE Commercial Lighting Lighting Technology offers commercial lighting installation services at international level. Commercial light fixtures for indoor and outdoor lighting. We use fluorescent and halogen lights, whichever best for your interior and exterior. Commercial LED lights use up to 50% less power than your existing lights. Lighting service Commercial Lighting Gigatera-EFL series Lighting service Gigatera-ITUBE series IS6 Kloss Sports Lighting Sport is given economic contribution in the development of Australia. So there are many indoor and outdoor sports club are developed day by day. Lighting Technology provides sports lighting fixtures and complete solutions Floodlights with wireless control system. We offer lights for football, hockey, rugby, golf, baseball and LED tennis court lighting. Lighting service Sports Lighting Gigatera- SUFA series Lighting service Gigatera- ITUBE series Gigatera- IBL series Gigatera- MAHA series Industrial Lighting Customer centric lighting is an important part for any type of industry. Lighting Technology is prominent name in providing high quality industrial lighting service in Australia. Re-furnish your old industrial lighting fixtures with modern table lamps and ceiling lamps in a gorgeous way to bring more customers and create energetic environment for your employees. Lighting service Industrial Lighting Gigatera WAPA series Lighting service Gigatera- META series PROTEK Gigatera- SETA series Retail Lighting Retail stores need to showcase their products in the best light. Retail lighting is one of toughest work to create a successful shopping environment for customers. Choose qualitative lighting service provider, who helps to suggest color performance for your products. So your products appear more attractive to customers. Lighting service Retail Lighting TLE Series Lighting service Lighting Technology We offer qualitative lighting service and products to our valuable clients as per their requirement. If you have any query related to our products and services, feel free to contact us. Address : Unit 18, 41-49 Norcal Rd, Nunawading VIC 3131, Australia Email : sales@lightingtechnology.com.au Tel : (03) 9872 7600 Fax : (03) 9874 8299 Website : http://www.lightingtechnology.com.au Follow us: Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/lightingtechnologyint/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/LTIgroup G+ : https://plus.google.com/+LightingTechnology

Lighting service and products include installation, repair, and technical support in Australia. Lighting Technology provides efficient, cost effective solutions for indoor and outdoor lighting

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