Wood Fired Concession Trailer by ilFornino

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ilFornino Wood Fired Concession Trailer is the best option if you want to start a mobile food business. This trailer is built from stainless steel. Heats up in around half hour and maintains a high temperature for a long time. So that you can cook more and more pizzas in a short time. If you are interested in buying this trailer or having any query regarding trailer then you can visit our website for more information or you can call us at 877.302.6660


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dawsonmark9988 Says:

I had this oven from last 3 months and I completely love it. I can make tons of pizzas very quickly. Cooks a pizza in every 2-3 minutes. Awesome customer support system whenever I have any question related to the product.

andersonalvin85 Says:

Easy to assemble, it's stainless steel surface is easy to clean. I loved it, kind of best oven so far.

peter1parkar Says:

Please mention the price of this oven.

bucksmith863 Says:

I love this oven. Please mention the price.

Carrie Hester Says:

@peter1parkar @bucksmith863 Thank You for your interest. The cost of this oven is $8,995.00

Carrie Hester Says:

@dawsonmark9988 @andersonalvin85 Thank You for your feedback.

calvinarnold843 Says:

Does this wood fired pizza oven come with any accessories as wood or ash pusher?

Carrie Hester Says:

@calvinarnold843 Yes, Ilfornino provides you with many accessories such as wood or ash pusher and others. Do visit our website to know about the product.

justinsherry Says:

Large stainless pizza oven FOB $400/pcs in www.barbeq.co


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