State of European Tech 2017 by Atomico

State of European Tech 2017 by Atomico, updated 11/28/23, 8:32 AM

This year’s findings reveal the state of European tech in 2017 is the strongest it has ever been. Europe is building a tech ecosystem in its own image, defined by deep tech expertise, incredible geographic diversification, and a uniquely collaborative approach with traditional industry. The solid foundations that have been laid - a huge and deep talent pool, founders with global ambition levels, and a large, growing and increasingly sophisticated investor base - means that Europe marches to its own beat. The question of whether Europe can produce world-class innovation has been put to bed. The question of whether it can produce a $100Bn company has been put to bed. And the probability that the next industry-defining company could come from Europe - and become one of the world’s most valuable companies - has never been higher.

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