All jobs in Canada are categorized using the five-digit National Occupational Classification, or NOC, code, which is a database created by the Canadian government. These codes designate every position that is open in Canada for a methodical categorization that aids in the tracking, collecting, organizing, analyzing, and dissemination of labor market data. As a prospective applicant, this information helps you comprehend different services and programs, forecast occupation, assess the supply and demand of labor, and stay informed about the labor market. 

Unit groups make up the National Occupational Classification (NOC) code, and each is denoted by a five-digit code. With every new code number, NOC users can delve deeper into the structure, gaining more accuracy and establishing the unique characteristics associated with a given employment.

The broad occupational category and TEER category are represented by the first two digits of the NOC code structure. Sub-major groups are represented by the first three digits, minor groups are represented by the first four digits, and unit groups are represented by the final five digits.

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