Natural and Synthetic Dyes in Oriental Rugs

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Natural and Synthetic Dyes in Oriental Rugs Anciently, Oriental rugs were made of natural dyes then soon after they were dyed with the synthetic dyes. But again now they can be easily found with natural dyes. But the oriental rugs with natural dyes are approx 30% expensive than the synthetic dyed rugs. Earlier rugs lover had no other alternative but to buy the synthetic but now oriental rugs with natural dyes are also available. Oriental rugs with natural dye require a lot of care and maintenance. We, Sams Antique Rugs offer Area Rug cleaning services in Dallas, Tx. To sustain the beauty and shine of the rug its care is important. What are the Types of dyes used in Oriental rug? There are two types of dyes used in an oriental rug. They are- 1. Natural Dye 2. Synthetic Dye What is Natural Dye? The natural dye that is used in a rug is obtained from insects, minerals, and planets. They are also known as vegetal dyes, but it is wrongly interpreted that they are made of vegetables. The natural variations are derived from different parts of plants such as leaves, roots, flowers, minerals and from fruits also. Colors of the fruits give a good combination and color scheme to the oriental rugs giving them an absolutely different and unique appearance. We offer the best Rug Cleaning Services in Dallas, Texas region. Let's see how different colors are derived naturally. Red- It is extracted from dried bodies of insects that live on oak or species of cactus. Brown-It is made from gall apples and nutgalls. Yellow- It is made from pomegranate rind, saffron, and turmeric. What is a Synthetic Dye? Synthetic dye is a human-made organic dye. It was introduced by William Perkin accidentally. Earlier with their varieties in color and unique designs rugs with synthetic dyes became popular for their cheap prices. Synthetic dyes are used for raw denim; to replace the natural indigo the synthetic indigo is used. We offer services of Pakistani Rugs cleaning at affordable prices.


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