Multiple Layers Of Protection For Your Devices  By Norton Antivirus.

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Multiple Layers Of Protection For Your Devices By Norton Antivirus.  Instruction Prevention Wall  Antivirus File Scan From Your System.  Reputation Database  SONAR Behavior Monitoring.  Powerful Erase and Repair 2 “ This layer is very important for safe your personal information. And destroy any suspeciuos malwares. 3 Instruction Prevention Wall This layer helps to protect your browsers and operating systems. If there’s a small code , malicious code might get through any suspeciuos browser. this wall blocks almost 60% of attack on your computer. Antivirus File Scan From Your System. Malware is a small code. it is delivered by network that infects your system and steals more information etc. Antivirus software scans the file and your system. it is informed malware code to our threat Reputation Database Documents from respectable designers, with a conspicuous mark, go through rapidly. Never-seen records raise a banner and Norton Security isolates the potential threat. Powerful Erase and Repair The main Advantage of this tool and scan in deep if find any threat then destroy. 8 Place your screenshot here Show all five important layers in Norton antivirus software . Its resolve all type of threat in your system. Visit more:- 9 Thanks! Any questions? You can find me at: visit more:-

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