Magento 2 SMS Notification

Magento 2 SMS Notification, updated 7/8/24, 12:04 PM


Keep your customers informed and enhance their shopping experience with the MageAnts Magento 2 SMS Notification Extension. This powerful tool sends real-time SMS updates to customers about their order status, ensuring they are always in the loop.

Key Features:

Real-Time Updates: Send instant SMS notifications to customers about order status changes, including order confirmation, shipment, and delivery.

Customizable Messages: Personalize SMS templates to match your brand’s voice and provide relevant information.

Admin Alerts: Notify admins about new orders, low stock levels, and other important events via SMS.

Easy Integration: Seamlessly integrate with popular SMS gateways for reliable message delivery.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Improve customer satisfaction by keeping them informed throughout the order process.

Upgrade your Magento 2 store with the MageAnts SMS Notification Extension to provide timely updates and enhance customer engagement. Ensure your customers are always informed and build trust with reliable SMS notifications.

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