Want to Fix “HP Printer Won't Turn on” Error? Get the Solution Here!

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The power errors can be a major cause behind the printer won't print error on HP printers. This can be quite frustrating if you are trying to print the important documents. There are various factors which needed to be focused in order to fix the hardware errors. First, you need to find out the major cause for the issue and then only you will be able to fix the error in a proper manner. HP Customer Support helps you find the exact cause of the issue and troubleshoot it with ease. Step 1: First, plug the power cable to start the printer. Press and hold the power button to wait till the power lights start blinking. If the power light is not flashing, try to keep your hold tight on the power button and retry to start it. Important note: Some printers will take a few minutes before the system starts, and then you need to wait until the device initializes. Make sure you don't turn off the printer despite turning it on. Step 2: Remove the printer's power cable to block the power supply. After this, you need to check your device for any damage. If there is any damaged part available you need to get it fixed or replaced from the service center. Once you are done checking everything, you need to disconnect the power cable. If the green light doesn't show up, you need to get the printer replaced. Step 3: Make sure to plug the power cable in the printer. Next, you need to plug the power cable into a power outlet. It is advised to check twice if the power cable is properly connected to the power module. If the printer is still not getting on, you need to try plugging the cable to another power outlet. Step 4: In the next step, you need to unplug the USB connector from the back panel of your printer and then turn on the printer. If the printer powers on without the USB cable, it may require to replace the USB cable. This method can help you fix the "HP printer won't turn on" issue. The toll-free number is accessible all around the clock to help the troubled users. HP Printer Customer Service Number can be dialed whenever an issue occurs on your device. HP Toll Free Number is approachable in all cases of technical hindrances and whenever you face a dilemma with your printing device. View More: https://www.800customerservicenumber.com/hp-print-and-scan-doctor/ +1-800-329-1530 Get More Information About our Service Below Here:- https://www.800customerservicenumber.com/hp-customer-service/

HP Customer Support team are advisable to perform a manual method, if you are not sure of your skills and thus taking technical support from certified techies is recommended. Calling the HP Help Number can fix almost each of the technical fault whether it’s general or complex.

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