5 Pool Cleaners for Swimming Pool Maintenance

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5 Pool Cleaners for Swimming Pool Maintenance Keeping yourself cool is one of your preferred enjoyments during the summer season if you have efficient pool cleaners in the backyard of your house. But this is possible only when your pool is clean otherwise it is of no use having a pool. Keeping your pool shining and transparent may not be that easy as you may think. For this purpose, you have to maintain the pool by employing the services of an efficient pool cleaner. Water appears hazy and often green in a pool whose maintenance is not up to the mark. Water even gets discolored and cloudy. But don't worry! We give you some suggestions. You follow these regularly; you will find your family and friends enjoying an absolutely shining pool. Below are top five pool cleaners to look forward to: Aquabot Turbo T2 Pool Cleaner This is equipped with Quad brush system. This system is capable of loosening dirt and debris. It has power-washing jets installed in this cleaner can effectively clean the areas of the pool where otherwise, it is very difficult to reach and offset vacuum ports trap unwanted dirt particles without blocking. This is a self-contained robotic pool cleaner. Interestingly, it cleans in about one hour an in-ground pool 50 ft. long completely, from its floor to waterline. Aquabot Bravo The newly invented GYRO intelligent navigation system is installed in these Aquabot bravo pool cleaners. It is a proven fact that this is one of the best swimming pool robotic cleaners so designed that it displays with proven success the ability to automatically brush and vacuum; micro-filter dirt and debris from the floor and walls of the swimming pool with the additional capacity of scrubbing the waterline. You will perhaps be astonished to know that the entire work done by this robotic pool cleaner takes just about an hour. Aquabot Viva The new Aquabot Viva pool cleaner has a Radio Remote Control system. This is a major invention in this pool cleaner. This technology allows the cleaner to clean pools of any size. You simply touch the button and it starts working. The communication with the robot pool cleaner has become possible and simple with this state-of-the-art Aqua control technology. The distinguishing characteristic of the control keypad is that you can monitor the robot according to your demand, adjust the program and opt for different features. As you will like to have, you may keep your pool transparent and shining with the full control that you exercise over the cleaning structure. Aquabot Turbo t The one noticeable characteristic of Turbo T robotic pool cleaner is that it has a bag and a remote. These are used for in-ground pool cleaning. It can clean any normal pool surface of any size and shape up to the waterline. The unique pressure washing system and a good mesh filter save energy and make the water clear and shining. Aquabot fury The Aquabot Fury Pool Cleaner is an efficient and intelligent robotic pool cleaner for cleaning any standard residential swimming pool. Required cleaning time is approximately 3 hours. The Aqua Smart System with which the Aquabot Fury Pool Cleaner has been programmed allows the cleaner to move in any direction faster and that also without any extra pistons, motors, etc. So, it is a proven fact that these are the best robotic pool cleaners. Manufactured under the state-of-the art-technology, these are user friendly. The maintenance is also very simple. Aquatic Distributors Services delivered for commercial parts such as Aquamax, Magnum, Duramax, Gemini and Ultramax. It provides services for residential cleaners such as Residential in- ground cleaners and above ground pool cleaners. World-class services for residential parts such as Aquabot Viva, Aquabot Turbo, Aquajet. Pool cleaner sales, parts and repairs. Aquatic Distributors Inc. www.aquadist.com 60 Whitney Road Bldg. 4 Mahwah, NJ. 07430 Toll Free Number: (800) 539-0220 Follow: https://www.facebook.com/aquadist/ https://www.instagram.com/aquadist/ https://twitter.com/aquadist Blog: https://aquadist.tumblr.com/ *****

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