While people are enthusiastic about credit card advances, is credit card action always slow? Don't worry, sometimes you may have some misunderstandings about credit card purchases. Today we’re going to dive into the misconceptions about credit cards and how to think about multi-dimensional credit cards.

Misunderstandings about credit card limit increases

1. Use more swipes to increase your credit limit

When it comes to credit card cash withdrawals, many people think that credit cards can be used to withdraw cash by swiping the card multiple times. If you think so, you are wrong.申請信用卡 The credit card does need to be swiped, and the limit can only be raised if you have a consumption statement. However, there are also considerations in how to brush frequently, when to brush, and what kind of merchants to brush. On the contrary, when each consumption lasts longer, the quality of the merchant is better, and the consumption amount matches the merchant. Which of these two credit card payment methods do you think is more popular with banks? Therefore, swiping more does not mean increasing the limit. Reasonable consumption and planning of consumption trajectories can better promote the increase of the limit.

2. Make more bill installments to increase your balance

Some friends have seen others say that by paying bills in installments and paying some protection fees at the bank, the amount can be increased. 信用卡申請But this is also a misunderstanding among many people. Paying in installments does help, but only if you haven't done it many times before. Everything must be measured.

There is also a point about the number of installments for the bills you handle. Friends who want to increase the balance through various bill installments must pay attention. It is best not to exceed six installments. The installment consumption amount is best controlled at 40% of the total credit card limit. Within.

On the contrary, making more installments will not help to increase the amount, but will make you unable to repay the bank, especially if the installment amount is high. It will also cause the bank to lower your points. Paying more bills in installments does not mean increasing the amount of installments. Proper installment payment and the amount of installments are the key.

3. You can increase your limit by spending abroad

Some friends will definitely think that spending money abroad is very helpful for increasing your balance. After all, not everyone can spend money abroad.

To a certain extent, foreign consumption does help to increase total consumption, but regions and quantities need to be distinguished. If you frequently convert funds with a credit card, it will not only be detrimental to the amount, but also make it easy for the bank to suspect the fund conversion.

Generally speaking, Southeast Asia is a high-risk area for fund conversion, so you must be careful when swiping your card when traveling or traveling in Southeast Asia, otherwise it is easy for banks to suspect fund conversion. Especially those who use overseas POS machines must pay attention to the safety of their funds! Therefore, spending abroad does not mean increasing the amount. Choosing the right country, using the right amount, and spending on the spot is the best way to help. Overseas shopping also counts!

What are the dimensions of the quota increase?

1. Cardholder security dimension

Why do so many of us use credit cards? That's because credit card companies can spend money in advance and then repay it. In other words, a bank needs to give you a sum of money in advance for you to use, but when it reaches the agreed time, you have to return the money to the bank to let the bank see that social funds are safe. In this way, whether you can bring economic benefits to the bank's work while ensuring the safety of fund management is the criterion for commercial banks to consider.

Secondly, in the process of raising cards, whether the cards are used illegally and whether there are transaction risks. These are also considerations for banks.

In short, you should tell the bank that it is safe for the bank to keep your money with you. Regardless of the consumption scenario, consumption amount, consumption frequency, consumption time, consumption merchant, whether the loan can be repaid on time, etc.

2. Dimension of cardholder loyalty

It is undeniable that there is some competition among banks, and each bank wants to attract as many customers as possible, especially high-quality customers. Banks also like loyal customers, such as depositors, money managers, wage earners, lenders, insurance companies, etc. The more business you do with a bank, the more loyal you become in its eyes.

Of course, nothing is absolute. Some friends have more than ten cards in their hands, but they can still get rid of the cards. However, the volume of cards issued is usually relatively low. Therefore, before applying for a credit card, I recommend that you plan the order of applying for cards according to your own situation, and slowly push from one bank to another.

3. Contribution dimension

Bank development is based on the principle of "dislike the poor and love the rich". Everyone knows this problem. Banks like to add “icing on the cake” and rarely provide help when needed. So you have to show that you are a high-quality service customer and you must make a certain contribution to the bank. The bank has a contribution rating for each of our cardholders. The higher the contribution, the better the rights protection they can enjoy.

4. Consumption dimension

After all, credit cards have to increase their limit through consumption, so your consumption trajectory, consumption frequency, and consumption amount are also very important evaluation criteria. Try to expand your consumption categories as much as possible, choose high-quality merchants, and try to match the amount of consumption with the merchants. Try to keep the number of purchases above 15.


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