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WELCOME TO EVS People in Need, Slovakia What are the main tasks of People in Need, Slovakia_____________3 What is the role of EVS volunteers in it_________________________5 Our community centers_____________________________________7 Community center in Rokovce_______________________________8 Community center in Plavecky tvrtok_________________________12 Community center in Sverov________________________________ 16 Community center in Kojatice________________________________19 Community center in Petrovany_______________________________22 Useful contacts____________________________________________25 What are the main tasks of People in Need, Slovakia We are a non-profit organization aiming to help people who are in greatest need. Since 1999, we have provided a helping hand to those deprived of human dignity and freedom due to all sorts of circumstances. To people suffering the consequences of war, victims of natural disasters or those who live under the suppression of authoritarian regimes or in conditions of deep poverty all over the world as well as in Slovakia. We are a proud member of the People in Need network operating from Central Europe. People in Need, Slovakia operates in 29 countries around the world including Slovakia. We do: *effective and efficient assistance to people suffering of poverty, military conflicts natural disasters and authoritarian regimes *contribution to developing an open, tolerant and philanthropic society We have 5 main areas of operation : Humanitarian aid - We intervene in emergency disaster areas around the world (and also in Slovakia) providing relief for people affected by natural disasters or armed conflicts. Development cooperation - In our long-term interventions, we focus on education for children and women in countries with low educational standards. We support the restoration of livelihoods and food security for farmers and we empower people to have an active voice in their community's decision making. Human rights - Our organization have focused interest also on the situation of human rights in the world and in Slovakia. We support activities in countries that share similar historical experiences with Slovakia of the fight against authoritarian regimes. In Slovakia itself, we have worked on the issues of racism, discrimination, intolerance, human trafficking, minority rights and extremism. Global education - We bring additional knowledge to Slovak teachers and students, we create tutorials and learning materials. Our aim is to allow young people to better understand themselves and the world that has been rapidly changed and globalized, and to empower them to participate actively in positive changes. Social integration programs - We research and pilot innovative solutions to the challenges that people in socially excluded localities in Slovakia face - extreme poverty, long-term unemployment, low education levels, inadequate living standards and tensions with the majority population. What is the role of EVS volunteers in it People in Need, Slovakia is an experienced provider of European Volunteer service. EVS represents for us an opportunity 1. to show to the target group that there exists another world with possibilities available also for them and 2. to open this isolated communities to an outside world. EVS in People in Need, Slovakia is a great opportunity for cultural exchange not only between volunteers, but also for the children, with whom volunteers are working. The volunteers here are highly welcome to come up with their ideas and suggestions. EVS volunteers will work with Roma children and youth in our Community centres (CC) to facilitate educational activities, programmes of tutoring, non-formal education, low-threshold club and free- time activities for children and youth labour and career counselling service and community activities. Under the supervision of the professional staff member of the CC, EVS volunteers will take part in educational and free time activities for children at the Centre on a daily basis. The main responsibilities of volunteers are : -Actively participate in, and possibly plan, the activities realized by the centre. -Plan and realize extra activities with the whole community centre team. -Educational activities include tutoring, depending on the needs of individuals, with assistance of a professional -Extra activities are considered to be an inseparable part of the centres program. They motivate our children to work at the centre and on themselves. The main mission of Slovak branch, as a part of social integration programs, is the reduction of poverty and inclusion of socially marginalized Roma localities. According to expert assessment, there are about 320 000 of Roma in Slovakia. Approximately 40% of them are living in separated or segregated localities (co called Roma settlements), which are socially excluded from the rest of the society. Socially excluded Roma are facing number of problems related to inadequate housing conditions, low level of education, high and long- term unemployment, low quality of health care resulting in poor health conditions, poverty, indebtedness and dependency on the system of state social benefits, low accessibility of social services and institutions of civic society. There are currently 5 community centers, with main concentration on the east of the country Community center in Rokovce settlement Community center in Sverov Community center in Kojatice Community center in Petrovany Community center in Plavecky tvrtok On this video you can see our volunteers talking about their experience in different community centers. Community center in Rokovce The community center was opened in 2006. Currently the center has 3 People in Need Staff members. Usually there are two EVS volunteers working within the community center. The Rokovce community center is situated in a segregated settelment. To travel there volunteers need to take the bus. The settelment is one of the oldest and the most traditional ones. Appearing here you dive into Roma culture completely. Even at first time you will be surrouded by children who will send you a lot of positive energy and love. But be ready to answer some questions ;) Children are very curious about the place you are living in, your pesonal interests and your family. Open hours are : Mo - Th 8:30 - 17:00, Fr - 9:30 -18:00 The schedule is based on different age groups of children: First group is consist of children from 6 till 9 y.o. Second group is with children aged from 10 till 12 y.o. Third group is aged from 13 till 15 y.o. And the last fourth group has children from 16 till 18 y.o. We also have groups for adults women, group of mums, community meetings group, job counselling group, group for learning reading and writing. The activities differ from ages and run by volunteers in a conjunction with the staff member. In the first group activities are usually include art therapy and active games. Also we have there such activities as : education, free time activities, lessons dedicated to hygiene and everyday life, club - environmental education, documentary film, violence prevention etc., group for stipendium and carrier counselling How to get to Rokovce If you are travelling from Spiske Podhradie you may need to make two changes : Spiske Podhradie to Levoa and Levoa to Rokovce( Doliany). Even though that there is only 9 kilometers between the town Spisk Podhradie and community center there is no direct road connection. If you are travelling from Kosice the most fast and easy way is to travel by train to Spiska Nova Vs as well taking the same route as mentioned above ( Levoa Rokovce ). If you are travelling from Bratislava you may find the most useful was to travel by train to Spiska Nova Vs then take a change on the bus station to the Levoa city and then from Levoa to Rokovce ( Doliany). You can find the actual schedule and other route connections easily on this site . Community center in Plavecky tvrtok The community center was opened in 2016. Currently the center has 3 People in Need Staff members. Children there are always nice and active, ready to participate in the activities and to communicate with the group. In the afternoon, we run the low-threshold club and tutoring for children. At the club, children, besides playing, are preparing for admission to elementary school while using the Norwegian Grunnlaget method, Montessory pedagogy, and the method of Fonematic Consciousness according to D. B. Elkonin. Children usually involved in art therapy, active games and music activity. We also have mini-library, table football, table games and supplies for drawing activities. Creating pairs of volunteers with pupils represents an important space to take into account the individual needs of children and better motivation as well as increasing the value of education in the child's families. This is why volunteers in the program are so important. In addition to group activities, we also offer individual counseling, in which we work with individuals and their families. We also run after-school activities for older chidlren and teenagers where they can safely spend their free time. In support of children at elementary school, we help with preparation for schooling, as well as preparation for entrance examinations at secondary schools, volunteers are very much involved in tutoring. How to get to Plavecky tvrtok From Bratislava you may choose direct train to Plavecky tvrtok which runs every hour from Bratislava main train station. There is also a option to take direct bus from main bus station of Bratislava. The trip will take around 30 minutes. Volunteers are living in town named Malacky which is in 9 kilometers from Plavecky tvrtok. Usually the whole trip from the apartment to community center takes around 20 minutes. Community center in Sverov The community center was opened in 2009. Currently there are People in Need staff members and two EVS volunteers from Italy. The community center is opened from 8 AM till 4.30 PM Monday Friday. In the morning there is pre-school club for little children and low thresh hold programs in the afternoon for children aged from 6 till 15 years old. The community center is situated in a renovated building and has two floors. The first level is devoted to the activities such as : different presentations, meeting with children and group activities. On the second level we have computer room, study room and the room for non-formal activities, such as: table games, puzzles and other. The community center is low- thresh hold based and welcome all children from the community. Here you can find a video about the community center presented by our EVS volunteer from Austria. How to get to Sverov Sverov town is situated almost on the border with Poland and does not have railway connection. Due to that reason the only way to get there is by bus or by private car. If you are travelling from Bratislava you may choose the train to Poprad and then make two bus changes : Poprad Bardejov Sverov. The trip will take all your day, so plan accordingly. From Koice side you can also choose the train to Preov and then the bus to Bardejov where you will change for Sverov. Detailed information you can find here . Volunteers are living in the next building to the community center in a small accurate apartment. On the picture you can see the pin with the apartment. The next building on right is the community center. There are two apartments available for the volunteers. Both of them have all needed supplies and comfortable bedrooms. The location is very quiet and will perfectly fit for your personal time. Here you can find more information about the town Community center in Kojatice The community center was opened in 2014. Currently there are 3 People in Need staff members and one EVS volunteer from Italy. The community center is opened from 8.30 AM till 4 PM Monday Friday, except Wednesday when the community center is opened till 5.30 PM. There are two groups for children from 1st to 4th grade. For the first group CC is opened from Monday to Wednesday and for the second from Tuesday and Thursday. Each Friday both groups can come together and enjoy the activities. Community Center also has activities for teenagers from 5th to 9th grades. They can come every week on Monday to Thursday. The main activities are Slovak language and math tutorials. There are also projects to work with kids in pre-school age and to find jobs for adults. The kids are only allowed to attend the center if they went before to the school. For attendance to the center and different activities done there, they receive points which they can later trade for trips or things like clothes, school or hygiene supplies. For development of Slovak language, writing and reading exercises are used accompanied by interactive activities to reinforce the subjects. During math sessions they practice the basic operations plus exercises with units of measurement (kilograms, hours, kilometers). Every month we choose a subject for preventive activities such as hygiene, violence prevention or environment. The staff members prepare presentations which are displayed to the groups and later discussed by them. The kids get some free time, which can be spent by doing activities or playing games indoors or outdoors. The teenagers, during Wednesdays, do different activities that can vary depending on their needs and those of the community center. They are currently working on restoring the chairs and tables used in the center. How to get to Kojatice There is no direct bus or train from Bratislava or Koice to Kojatice. Depending on your time you can choose following options: - To get train to Poprad, change there for the bus to Presov and change there for the bus to Kojatice - To get bus to Presov and change there for the bus to Kojatice - If you are travelling from Koice you also can choose Preov as a changing bus point as this is the closest city to Kojatice You can see detailed information here Community center in Petrovany The community center was opened in 2014. Currently there are 3 People in Need staff members. The community center is opened from 8 AM till 4.30 PM Monday Friday. There are two groups for children operating every day 6 10 y.o. and 11 15 y.o.. Low threshold activities are implemented there, such as free activities like in door and out door games, as well as studying. There is also two groups for children 3 5 y.o. and adolescents which comes only once per week and have preventive activities. Also, the group for adults is run by community center workers on the topics of employment and other individual issues. Currently there is 1 EVS volunteer. Community center in Petrovany is small but extremely comfortable place for working and volunteering. Working there is being a part of a family How to get to Petrovany To get to Petrovany from Bratislava you will need to go by train to Poprad, Preov or Koice and then change for the bus to Petrovany. If you are traveling directly from Kosice you just need to catch the bus and go directly to the town. Here you can find detailed routes under your request https://cp.hnonline.sk/vlak/spojenie/ On this web site you can find more description about the town and the region Useful contacts Mria Mydliarov Coordinator of EVS maria.mydliarova@clovekvohrozeni.sk, +421 911 791 793 Iva Grejtkov Former Coordinator of EVS and methodologist, iva.grejtakova@clovekvohrozeni.sk , +421 911791713 Martin Vavrinik Head of social integration section, martin.vavrincik@clovekvohrozeni.sk , +421 915 962 316 Brao Tich Head of People in Need, Slovakia, brano.tichy@clovekvohrozeni.sk Here you can find our web site You can also check out People in Need Facebook group Sverov community center Facebook group Petrovany community center Facebook group Kojatice community center Facebook group Rokovcecommunity center Facebook group Plavecky tvrtok community center Facebook group Also, you can reach our volunteers on Facebook : Silvia Ernesto volunteer from Plavecky tvrtok Sarah Wittkowske volunteer from Spiske Podhradie Jerzy Leko volunteer from Plavecky tvrtok Chiara Falcone volunteer from Spiske Podhradie Andres Martino volunteer from Kojatice Olga Shebanova volunteer from Spiske Podhradie Whats App +380675613189 Dobrovolnici Clovek v ohrozeni FB page


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