Concrete Dreams in the Space City: Houston's Best Contractors

Concrete Dreams in the Space City: Houston's Best Contractors, updated 8/31/23, 9:59 PM

In the heart of the Lone Star State lies Houston, a city known for its pioneering spirit, diverse culture, and residential concrete works impressive skyline. As the fourth-largest city residential concrete works in the United States, Houston's growth is reflected in its architectural landscape, with concrete playing a crucial role in shaping its urban identity. Behind every concrete masterpiece is a skilled contractor who transforms architectural visions into tangible reality. In this blog, we'll explore some of the best concrete contractors in Houston who turn concrete dreams into breathtaking structures.

1. Turner Construction Company

With a legacy spanning over a century, Turner Construction Company has left an indelible mark on Houston's skyline. As a global construction powerhouse, Turner is renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation. Their expertise in concrete construction has contributed to iconic projects ranging from skyscrapers to healthcare facilities. Turner's dedication to sustainability and their ability to handle complex projects make them a prominent player in Houston's construction scene.

2. JE Dunn Construction

JE Dunn Construction has solidified its reputation as a leader in the industry through its emphasis on collaboration, safety, and community engagement. Their proficiency in concrete works has led to the successful completion of a wide range of projects, from educational institutions to sports arenas. JE Dunn's commitment to excellence and their ability to adapt to the unique challenges posed by each project make them a go-to contractor in Houston.

3. D.E. Harvey Builders

D.E. Harvey Builders is synonymous with innovation and integrity in the construction realm. With a rich history in Houston's construction landscape, they have been instrumental in shaping the city's skyline. Their mastery of concrete craftsmanship is evident in their portfolio of projects, which includes commercial developments, healthcare facilities, and cultural centers. D.E. Harvey Builders' dedication to delivering exceptional results has earned them a spot among Houston's top contractors.

4. McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. brings a blend of experience, expertise, and sustainability to their concrete projects in Houston. Their commitment to environmentally conscious construction is reflected in their LEED-certified projects that utilize concrete's durability and energy-efficient properties. McCarthy's innovative approaches to concrete construction, coupled with their dedication to client satisfaction, make them a prominent choice for projects of varying scales.

5. Skanska USA

Skanska USA's focus on sustainable construction aligns well with Houston's growing emphasis on eco-friendly development. Their expertise in concrete construction is evident in their impressive portfolio, ranging from transportation infrastructure to commercial spaces. Skanska's dedication to safety, quality, and sustainable practices positions them as a reliable partner for projects that demand concrete excellence.

6. Manhattan Construction Group

Manhattan Construction Group has a legacy of delivering projects that stand as testaments to quality and innovation. With a strong presence in Houston, they have been instrumental in shaping the city's iconic structures. Manhattan's proficiency in concrete construction is showcased in projects spanning cultural landmarks, educational institutions, and healthcare facilities. Their commitment to client collaboration and project excellence makes them a trusted contractor.


As Houston continues to evolve, its concrete dreams are realized through the expertise of these exceptional contractors. Each of these companies brings a unique blend of craftsmanship, innovation, and commitment to the city's construction landscape. houston commercial concrete contractors Whether it's the skyscrapers that pierce the sky or the cultural centers that enrich the community, Houston's best concrete contractors are the ones who turn architectural visions into concrete reality.

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