Magento 2 Customer Approval

Magento 2 Customer Approval, updated 7/8/24, 1:36 PM

Manage customer registrations effectively with the MageAnts Magento 2 Customer Approval Extension. This essential tool allows you to manually approve or reject customer registrations, ensuring only verified customers gain access to your store.

Key Features:

Manual Approval: Review and approve customer registrations before granting access to your store.

Customizable Approval Process: Set criteria for customer approval based on specific requirements or business policies.

Email Notifications: Notify customers about the status of their registration, whether approved or rejected.

Enhanced Security: Prevent unauthorized access and maintain a secure customer database.

Seamless Integration: Easily integrate with your Magento 2 store for smooth functionality and management.

Upgrade your Magento 2 store with the MageAnts Customer Activation Extension to ensure a secure and controlled environment. Manage customer registrations efficiently, uphold security standards, and maintain the integrity of your customer database with manual approval processes.

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