London’s Best Chinese Restaurants

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London's Best Chinese Restaurants London's food scene is as diverse as the rest of the city. As a matter of fact, Asian cuisine has contributed much to the profile of the city especially Chinese restaurants. If you are looking for an authentic Asian cuisine experience, London has several Chinese restaurants near to hotels near Covent Garden in London UK that might have just what you are looking for. Here are some of them: 1.Barshu Located just outside London's Chinatown district in Soho, Barshu is part of a group of Chinese restaurants known only as the Sichuan Gang. Its cuisine style is distinctly authentic to Sichuan cuisine with selections like spicy Pig's Trotters, Chicken Gizzards, and Sichuan tea. Barshu is located just a mile south of Gower Street and can be reached from there on foot. 2. Cafe TPT This restaurant located at 21 Wardour Street (a mile south from Gower Street) is quite known for its exhaustive Chinese menu. The menu here is quite diverse and large that it seems that every region in China is being represented in it. Despite the size, the star here is the Cantonese dishes like prawn-stuffed tofu and the ever- succulent duck roast. There are also some street food from Hong Kong offered here as well as bubble teas and other snacks. 3. Bun House This semi-restaurant specializes in Cantonese-style hot buns that come with a number of fillings, the more prominent being chocolate and pig's blood. Aside from Cantonese snacks, Bun House also specializes in other Chinese food that includes deep-fried duck tongues and glass noodle salad. The Bun House is located at 24 Greek Street in Soho, London. And if you are in Gower Street, that is just a mile away to the south, which means that it can be easily reached on foot. 4. Baozinn Baoziinn is particularly known in Soho for its decor that combines traditional Sichuanese sensibilities with vibrant red Communist Revolution decor. Aside from the decor, the restaurant also offers Sichuanese cuisine, which means that a meal here is going to be a rather spicy affair. Their signature dish is the Spicy Beef Noodle, a typical noodle and broth combo topped with a thick layer of Sichuan chili oil. Surprisingly, it goes well with Baoziinn's other signature: fresh and hot soy milk. 5. A. Wong Located in 70 Wilton Road, Pimlico, a 2.9 miles away from Gower Street to the North, A. Wong takes pride in itself in offering a truly contemporary Chinese dining experience. Gone are the stereotypical golden fortune statues and red walls as they are replaced with more modern aesthetics and a menu that features Chinese-Western fusion dishes. Some of A. Wong's notable dishes include chili barbecued pineapple with Beijing Yogurt and har gow with citrus foam. However, their signature here is the Gung Bao Chicken that can be served in the traditional Sichuan way or with Chef Wong's modern, westernized interpretation. Despite being an upper-class restaurant, A. Wong is actually one of the cheaper fine-dining restaurants in London. Their tasting menu complete with 8 courses starts as low as 38.00. Booking a seat in advance is also recommended as the nightly crowd here is sizeable. While a resident at some best hotels in Bloomsbury London, pay a visit to the above-given restaurants to taste some delicious Chinese cuisines.

If you are looking for an authentic Asian cuisine experience, London has several Chinese restaurants near to hotels near Covent Garden in London UK that might have just what you are looking for. Here are some of them.

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