Learn How to Defend Yourself Against a Larger Attacker

Learn How to Defend Yourself Against a Larger Attacker, updated 9/9/22, 1:58 PM

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In this video, we share self defense tips against a larger attacker.


If you’re faced by a much bigger guy wanting to punch you in the face or hurting you in any way, it’s time for action. First off, try to defuse the situation and be on high alert.


Make to sure to put in action all of your self defense skills, including, awareness, verbal defusing, positioning, footwork, striking and much more.


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Larger Attacker:



Take action today by learning how to protect yourself effectively!


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Nick Drossos and Patrick Viana

Code Red Defense


About Code Red Defense

Code Red Defense is a reality-based self defense system for civilians and law enforcment personel.

A complete series of video tutorials have been created to help you learn how to defend yourself effectively.

Nick Drossos & Patrick Viana

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