How do ‘report publishing styles’ work on Xero Accounting Software?

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HOW DO 'REPORT PUBLISHING STYLES' WORK ON XERO ACCOUNTING SOFTWARE? Xero users can apply report publishing styles to client reports from the menu of Reports or to report templates. To create report publishing styles, users will need Practice Administrator or Principal Permissions. There are many reports which have both old and new styles. Reports that have the 'New' Label in the All Reports screen will not access all publishing style options. Xero Support would like to inform you that you can also create report footers or header while editing the default text. UPLOAD YOUR PRACTICE LOGO The logo you upload will appear on the top right-hand side of all published PDF reports pages. The logo will appear on all pages except the cover & content pages. Firstly make sure that is not wider than 400px and not higher than 120px. The size of the file created in JPG, GIF or PNG format should be larger than 250KB. Click the list icon, in the header. From the appeared list, select Xero HQ if you have opted for it otherwise, select My Xero. Hit the Report button. Click on the option of Report Publishing Styles. Hit the Browse button, choose your file and then hit the Upload button. SET THE BORDER & TITLE COLOR Click the list icon, in the header. Select My Xero. Click Reports > Reports Publishing Styles. Do one of the following: o Click the colored box to select a color and save. o Type the hex value into the value field & save. If you come across any difficulty while going through the above-mentioned process or want to learn about this software more, you can get help from our expert team. Contact Our Xero Technical Support for any other information or issue & clear your doubts by the experts of our team. Our technicians will assist you in fixing your issues with the best possible solutions using the latest technology. So do not sit idle, just grab the benefits of our service provided exclusively for you and your issues. Dial our xero support number +61-283173394 & talk to our agents as soon as possible. RELATED KEYWORDS: Report Publishing Style Publishing Style on Xero ORIGINAL SOURCE publishing-styles-work-on.html


Xero Support would like to inform you about the Style of Publishing Report in Xero Accounting Software. If you want any other help, Xero Customer Helpline +61-283173394  always reachable to you. 

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