This is the Constitution of the Templar Order as a sovereign subject of international law, consolidated from 2008-2013 from legal protocols of its ancient and medieval origins as a historical institution, enacted in 2015, as amended in March 2016. The Constitution defines the system of governance of the Order over its governmental, chivalric, secular and ecclesiastical affairs. It also establishes the administration of Justice under its sovereign jurisdiction, and sets forth a constitutional Bill of Rights. An official legislative or regulatory Act of Law, enacted by the Sovereign Magistral Order of the Temple of Solomon, as the non-territorial principality and sovereign subject of international law embodying the original Knights Templar from 1118 AD.

About Knights Templar Order

The Sovereign Magistral Order of the Temple of Solomon, the direct continuation of the original historical institution of the legendary Knights Templar, founded in 1118 AD, fully restored as a sovereign subject of international law in 2013 AD, embodying the authentic Templar heritage.

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