Route 394 Stepping Hill to Glossop

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Easy access on all buses This timetable is available online at Bus Operated by High Peak 394 From 29 October 2017 Stepping Hill Hazel Grove High Lane Hawk Green Marple Marple Bridge Charlesworth Gamesley Dinting Vale Glossop From 29 October 394 Times are changed PO Box 429, Manchester, M60 1HX Transport for Greater Manchester 17-1507G39450000917 For public transport information phone 0161 244 1000 7am 8pm Mon to Fri 8am 8pm Sat, Sun & public holidays Alternative format To ask for leaflets to be sent to you, or to request large print, Braille or recorded information phone 0161 244 1000 or visit Easy access on buses Journeys run with low floor buses have no steps at the entrance, making getting on and off easier. Where shown, low floor buses have a ramp for access and a dedicated space for wheelchairs and pushchairs inside the bus. The bus operator will always try to provide easy access services where these services are scheduled to run. Using this timetable Timetables show the direction of travel, bus numbers and the days of the week. Main stops on the route are listed on the left. Where no time is shown against a particular stop, the bus does not stop there on that journey. Check any letters which are shown in the timetable against the key at the bottom of the page. Where to find information about service changes Bus station posters Leaflets from outlets. Tickets and information Bus companies offer a range of tickets for use on their own buses. For travel on any service in the County, use System One tickets, including DaySaver. Travelshops provide tickets, information and journey planning advice on buses, trains and trams for work and pleasure. Using the 24 hour clock Times are shown in four figures. The first two are the hour and the last two are the minutes. 0753 is 53 minutes past 7am 1953 is 53 minutes past 7pm Additional information Printed on coated recycled paper made using 50% recycled fibre from post consumer sources and 50% virgin fibre from sustainable forests. Operator details High Peak Hallstead Road, Dove Holes Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 8BS Telephone 08435 236036 Travelshops Stockport Bus Station Mon to Fri 7am to 5.30pm Saturday 8am to 5.30pm Sunday* Closed *Including public holidays Contains Ordnance Survey data Crown copyright and database right 2010 0100022610 Transport for Greater Manchester 2017 Transport for Greater Manchester uses reasonable endeavours to check the accuracy of information published and to publish changes to information in a timely manner. In no event will Transport for Greater Manchester be liable for any loss that may arise from this information being inaccurate. Dinting Glossop Marple Hazel Grove Glossop Gamesley Charlesworth Chisworth Lane Ends Marple Bridge Marple High Lane Torkington Stepping Hill Hazel Grove Hawk Green Rising Sun Horse Shoe Inn Crown Hotel Higher Gamesley Greater Manchester county boundary Market Hall Henry Street Oldknow Road Etherow Country Park LowerFoldArkwrightRoadWindlehurst RoadBuxton Road London RoadHibbert Lane Brabyn's Brow Upper Hibbert Lane Bramhall Moor Lane Stepping Hill Bus 394 serves Gamesley on journeys to and from Glossop Melandra Castle Road Dinting Vale Glo sso p R oad Glossop RoadMarple Road NorfolkStreetHigh Street West SimmondleyLaneVictoria StreetHollins Lane Long Lane Compstall RoadStockport Road To rki ng ton Ro ad Ch est er Ro ad BuxtonRoadMacclesfieldRoadCottage Lane 394 Trains to Stockport and Manchester Trains to Manchester Trains to New Mills Trains to Buxton Trains to Manchester 394 Trains to Hadfield George and Dragon 394 Key Bus route Train line Direction of travel Bus station/connection point Train station H Hospital Terminus 394 Stepping Hill Hazel Grove Marple Glossop 394 Mondays to Fridays Stepping Hill Hospital 0730 0935 1135 1335 1535 1735 Hazel Grove, Rising Sun 0736 0941 1141 1341 1541 1741 Hawk Green, Crown Hotel 0748 0953 1153 1353 1553 1753 Marple, Hibbert Lane 0750 0955 1155 1355 1559 1755 Marple Bridge, Norfolk Arms 0754 0959 1159 1359 1559 1759 Lane Ends Inn 0757 1002 1202 1402 1602 1802 Chisworth, Hunters Inn 0801 1006 1206 1406 1606 1806 Charlesworth, George and Dragon 0805 1010 1210 1410 1610 1810 Gamesley, Edale Crescent 0811 1016 1216 1416 1616 1816 Glossop, Market Hall 0823 1028 1228 1428 1628 1828 Glossop Marple Hazel Grove Stepping Hill 394 Mondays to Fridays Glossop, Market Hall 0640 0838 1038 1238 1438 1638 Gamesley, Edale Crescent 0647 0848 1048 1248 1448 1648 Charlesworth, George and Dragon 0651 0855 1055 1255 1455 1655 Chisworth, Hunters Inn 0654 0858 1058 1258 1458 1658 Lane Ends Inn 0658 0902 1102 1302 1502 1702 Marple Bridge, Norfolk Arms 0701 0905 1105 1305 1505 1705 Marple, Hibbert Lane 0705 0909 1109 1309 1509 1709 Hawk Green, Crown Hotel 0707 0911 1111 1311 1511 1711 Hazel Grove, Rising Sun 0720 0923 1123 1323 1523 1723 Stepping Hill Hospital 0728 0930 1130 1330 1530 1730 Bus 394 does not run on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays Bus 394 is provided with the financial support of Transport for Greater Manchester and Derbyshire County Council W All bus 394 journeys are run using easy access buses. 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