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REVOLAX DEEP WITH LIDOCAINE (1×1.1ML) Revolax Deep has been extensively tested in laboratories and compared to the leading global brands and products in the field of dermal fillers, passing a multitude of quality tests and offering top level of product quality. The skin filler has a hyaluronic acid concentration of 24mg/ml and contains lidocaine HCI 0.3 for reduced pain and more pleasant patient experience. Effects of the skin filler from Revolax are very long lasting – from 12 to 18 months. This fillers is primarily focused on enhancing the lips – boost volume and improve their line. However it is also quite effective at with dealing with moderate to medium depth wrinkles. It is not aas thick as Revolax Sub-Q or as soft as Revolax Fine, which makes it the perfect solution for dealing with that middle ground group of skin lines and wrinkles. • SKU: 2015 • Category: Dermal Fillers • Tag: Across • Product ID: 2015 • Revolax • Weight: 0.07 kg Revolax Deep with Lidocaine is a cross linked hyaluronic acid based dermal filler. The hyaluronic acid has a 100% non-animal origin and is of highest purity. Compared to other products, this skin filler is thinker and its effects last notably longer. A versatile beauty product, it can be used for treatment of deep winkles and advanced shaping of facial features in areas like the chin, forehead, lips, cheeks and the nose. Revolax Deep is a monophasic HA dermal filler, then can be injected deep into the dermis.


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