The Old School New Body PDF Book is a complete workout system that was designed by Steve and Becky Holman, founders of the F4X program. It includes muscle-building exercises that are specifically designed to help you lose fat, gain muscle and increase your metabolism, so you can get fit and stay healthy for years to come. Actually, the Old School New Body book (PDF) is the most comprehensive fitness program available today for middle-aged people, with a specific strength training routine that has been used by thousands of people to change their lives for the better. The F4X workout provided inside Old School New Body PDF is a total-body fitness program that you can do anywhere, at home or in the gym. It includes four levels of workouts for men and women over 35 - 40 to help you lose weight, build strength, get fit, and stay young. Steve and Becky Holman's book "Old School New Body PDF" is not about working out harder, it's about working smarter. If you are looking for a new body in less time and with less effort, look no further! Download the book right now.

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