Robust Cloud And Hosted Solutions For Your New England Business

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Robust Cloud And Hosted Solutions For Your New England Business As businesses adopt new strategies to survive in this environment, cloud services are new the key to being able to deliver services with resilience, flexibility, and agility. Research major Valoir estimates that productivity loss because of remote work is less than 1 percent, with Microsoft and Google reporting massive growth in cloud services. Vitally, hosted, and managed cloud services play a crucial role in ensuring that employees can stay productive while working from home. If your New England business needs professional technology support to ensure service delivery and business continuity, call IT Management Solutions today. The New England business IT services company upgraded its cloud services to better support small and medium businesses and large enterprises. IT Management Solutions is a premier provider of hosted Google services including Gmail, Calendar, Google Talk, Google Sites, Google Meet, Docs, and Spreadsheets, as well as Google Security and Compliance. The Salem, NH managed services provider offers cost- effective managed cloud services that are tailored to your specific business needs while being able to accommodate growth. Need to move to a new location? Relocate or integrate teams to boost service response? IT Management Solutions has you covered. Hosted cloud technologies allow your physical or online business to save money, ensure complete security, and stay compliant to global standards. Custom cloud and hosted solutions allow your business the flexibility of having your employees access business applications from anywhere in the world. Visit to learn more about hosted solutions for your business.

Salem, NH IT managed services company IT Management Solutions has upgraded its hosted cloud services to meet the demands of local and cloud-ready businesses. The company offers hosted servers, hosted Microsoft and Google services, as well as custom managed cloud solutions. Visit for details.


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