The Lost Ways PDF Survival Book 2 by Claude Davis Download

The Lost Ways PDF Survival Book 2 by Claude Davis Download, updated 7/27/23, 10:18 PM


The Lost Ways PDF book 2 is a survival guide created by Claude Davis, a renowned historian, outdoorsman, and survival expert. The book includes a variety of Native American survival techniques and strategies that were developed and implemented by the people of our forefathers. The Lost Ways 2 PDF is divided into two volumes, with the second one focusing on Native American survival techniques.

The book offers detailed instructions on how to create an underground food storage system to help you survive a disaster or other crisis. It also includes a step-by-step guide to building a smokehouse and smoking food in order to preserve it without the use of refrigeration. The Lost Ways PDF covers a wide range of other topics such as how to make your own soap and how to build an outdoor kitchen.

The book offers detailed instructions on the process and techniques of food dehydration and canning, as well as various methods for preserving food without refrigeration. Additionally, Claude Davis's guide includes numerous recipes and techniques for preparing meals without the use of modern ingredients and kitchen appliances. The book also covers topics such as wilderness survival skills, hunting and trapping, and knife and tool making.

The Lost Ways PDF is an invaluable resource for preppers, adventurers, and survivalists. The book contains an in-depth look into the methods and strategies used by our forefathers to store and preserve food without refrigeration. It also offers a wide variety of Native American survival techniques that can be used in different scenarios. This guide is a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their skills and knowledge in the field of survival.

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