Purolatexis Offering Healthy and Comfortable Natural Latex Mattress in Singapore

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Purolatexis Offering Healthy and Comfortable Natural Latex Mattress in Singapore Purolatex is a Singapore-based brand recognized for its unique ability to make and supply high-quality and 100% natural latex bedding products. The bedding products that the brand offers are Italian made, as its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is nestled in Italy. Many companies and brands claim to sell natural latex products and call them ‘pure latex’ or ‘full latex’ products. These products are different from 100% natural latex products that Purolatex offers, as they contain synthetic latex material or added chemicals. Purolatex’s factory in Italy is one of those very few companies across the globe that have mastered the technology of creating natural latex without blending any synthetic or filler substances. Answering a query related to Purolatex bedding products, the company spokesperson stated, “Many people favor Purolatex bedding products, as they are made of 100% natural latex and are high in quality. Natural latex is endowed with qualities like amazing elasticity, as well as its anti-bacterial, anti- dust mite and hypoallergenic properties. Our mattresses and pillows naturally boast all these qualities and so, are beneficial for all those using them. We have been consistently making such exceptional bedding products since the year 1995.” Purolatex has emerged as a sought-after choice for all those who want to buy mattress in Singapore that is extraordinary. The mattress offered by this reputed company is ideal for use in both hot and humid climate, as the open-cell structure of latex does not retain moisture or heat. Sleepers can enjoy dry, cool and clean sleep even during the hottest of nights. Comfort is another important feature that sets Purolatex mattress apart from other mattresses. It flaunts a unique 7-zone support design that results in optimal body alignment and provides support to different body parts. The spokesperson added, “7-zone support design of Purolatex mattress includes head and neck zone, lumber zone, shoulder zone, lower leg zone, knee zone, pelvic zone and foot zone. All these zones and parts demand a different level of comfort during sleep. For example, our neck and head demand more support, while the back demands lesser support. This special support division is a prerequisite for a good sleep and great sleeping posture. It keeps the spine aligned while sleeping and helps people to wake up fully refreshed and recharged.” Purolatex bedding products are not only comfortable but also safe. To prove the same, the company gets its bedding products tested by reputed and well-established organizations regularly. One of the organizations that test Purolatex products is Eco Institut, which checks products for their national and international quality standards using several physical, chemical and analytical lab tests. About Purolatex: Purolatex is dedicated to making and supplying high-quality bedding products made of 100% natural latex. Those who wish to order bed mattress in Singapore with all the goodness of natural latex can contact Purolatex. For more details, they can refer to the company’s website that offers detailed information related to Purolatex bedding products. Purolatex Address (retail shop): 315 Outram Road #07-02, Singapore 169074 Phone: +65 6624 7176 Email: info@purolatex.com Website: http://www.purolatex.com/ Source Url https://www.briefingwire.com/pr/purolatexis-offering-healthy-and- comfortable-natural-latex-mattress-in-singapore About Purolatex


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