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Clear Cookies to Improve XERO'S Functionality _______________________________ If you want that your Xero accounting software work seamlessly, then keep clearing the cookies and cache at the set period of time. Clearing these ensures that your browser doesn’t store any old data. Close all the files or websites that are opened before going for the process explained in this blog. Xero Support Team gives the priority to its customer, so keeping in mind the different browsers used by customers these days, several methods are provided depending upon the browsers which help you whenever you face difficulty in logging into Xero. It runs slowly, doesn’t show the latest info, links/ buttons, doesn’t work properly and Error 50 appears. So, follow the steps carefully and access your software effectively: If you are a chrome user:  Open the browser and Press & hold Ctrl + Shift + Delete on your keyboard if using PC. Open the browser and Press & hold the Command + Shift +Delete if using a Pc.  Beside the option of “Clear the following item” a drop-down menu is given, select “the beginning of time”.  Now select the checkbox for Cached images and files also for Cookies and other site data.  Hit the Clear browsing data blue button. If you are using Internet Explorer:  Press & hold Ctrl + Shift + Delete on the keyboard.  Click the checkbox to clear Preserve Favorites website data.  Select the checkboxes beside Temporary Internet files and website files & Cookies and website data.  Hit the Delete button. Perform these steps for being a Mozilla Firefox user:  Go to the browser and if you are using PC, use Control +Shift + Delete key altogether on the keyboard.  Time Range is required to set to clear Everything.  Click the checkboxes beside Cookies, Cache, and Active Logins.  Hit the Clear now button. Being a Safari user:  From the top left corner at the upper side click Safari on screen.  Click Preferences > Privacy > Remove all Website Data > Remove Now. For Microsoft Edge:  Use Control + Shift + Delete keys.  Click the checkboxes beside Cookies & saved website data and Cached data and files.  Finish the steps by clicking Clear. XERO technical support Australia is just a call away to reach to all the necessary information regarding Xero account which may enhance your skill to access it more accurately. Technicians are experienced in handling the issues raised by customers and give the best response in a friendly manner. Call our agents on XERO support Australia Helpline Number 1800-952-982, talk to them and learn all the salient features, so that the software can help you out in any situation. RELATED KEYWORDS:  Clear Cookies for working Xero Properly.  Remove cookies to use Xero properly?  Clear Cookies and Cache in Browser ________________________________________________________________________________ MORE AT to-Improve-Xeros-Functionality _____________________________________________________________________ XERO SUPPORT TEAM 1800-952-982


To let the Xero work Properly: Clear Cookies and Cache in Browser | Contact Xero Customer Support at Toll-Free Number 1800-952-982. Source:

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