Provide Early Monitoring Detection For Coronavirus With At-Home Healthcare

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Provide Early Monitoring Detection For Coronavirus With At-Home Healthcare With Early Detection Monitoring your patients can get personalized at-home checkups and treatments during the pandemic. A newly launched Early Detection Monitoring System is now available to help medical doctors on the frontline during the pandemic. It allows doctors to work remotely while continuing to care for their patients, therefore reducing risk. Daily monitoring of their health is provided by the doctor, and they can also contact their doctor when they are felling sick. The first ever at-home coronavirus testing kits are provided, made by Vibrant America Silicon Chip Technology, with an accuracy of 98%. One of the downsides to traditional telemedicine is that companies are giant conglomerates that hire their own doctors and nurses. That means patients get randomly assigned, and they are not treated by their own doctor. With EDM, this can be overcome because doctors themselves are put in control of patient care. Doctors can also offer more customized preventative training for each individual situation. This provides protection both for patients and for the doctors, who can protect themselves and their loved ones from unnecessary exposure. Doctors can easily get started with the EDM process thanks to the clear onboarding process. Find out more at MD

A new distance-based telemedicine program for the current pandemic has been launched, called Early Detection Monitoring. This helps to protect both patients and doctors through individualized distance healthcare. Find out more at:


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