Japanese tea set: Japanese Teakettle Set – One Of Our Favorite Gifts For All Occasions, it is designed specifically for hot beverages like coffee,tea or cider.

You simply fill the included mug with water and pour boiling water inside which automatically turns cold within seconds. What does a Japanese tea set look like?

Here are three different categories of Japanese tea set according to its size and material.

Each category offers different designs that reflect popular culture in Japan.

Teapot culture was invented in Japan approximately 300 years ago due to the demand of serving tea at home during dinner parties.

As the popularity grew, different manufacturers began catering to the market to introduce new styles and designs.

Tea sets from japan were made of porcelain rather than ordinary ceramic items or stoneware found in Europe.At first, the teacups had holes on top called ‘amakusa' which meant'sky eye'.

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Teapot collecting is gaining popularity amongst collectors, mostly due to recent advances made in traditional techniques and materials.

What started out as hobbyists wanting to learn more about historic ceramics was now becoming professionals seeking perfection in reproduction methods and artistic styles.

Collectors come together yearly in Japan for various auctions.

Proceeds from the sale of each piece go back to the artist and/or potters' guilds and museums where pieces were first acquired.

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Japanese teapot designs evolved since ancient Chinese tea culture. There were various forms including water jade ware, celadon ceramic, porcelain, china and Ming vase ceramics, and Sèngkonghouse furniture etc.

Today, these items provide us with luxury products to consume while drinking hot green tea or coffee.

Tea sets and pottery play important role in Asian cultures. These objects symbolize hospitality and peace.

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Having weighed up all arguments, , it is clear that buying antique Japanese Teapots does require responsibility, knowledge and passion to ensure success.

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